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A chat with Jared the Subway guy and a $25 Subway gift card giveaway

Does Jared the Subway guy only eat Subway sandwiches? Where did he buy those cool geek specs? And is he allowed to chow down at McDonalds? Find out the answers to this and more in PastaQueen’s interview with Jared the Subway guy.

I got to chat with Jared last Thursday on a conference call with four other bloggers: Courtney from My Dallas Mommy, Julie from Wii Mommies, Mindi from Moms Need to Know, and Jessica from Fringies…Knitting with One Needle. I also want to apologize to them because I was the moron who kept accidentally hitting buttons with her cheek for the first 10 minutes. As I said, I’m thirty now and can no longer operate technology.

The roundtable nature of the interview created a nice conversational atmosphere, and we got to learn a lot about Jared, his foundation, and his training as he prepares to run the New York City Marathon on November 7. (Good luck, dude!) Jared seems like a nice, down-to-earth guy, who’s still grateful for all the opportunities Subway has given […]

Thanks and congrats and see ya’ later!


Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered Chocolate & Vicodin: My Quest for Relief from the Headache that Wouldn’t Go Away the last few days! The Amazon book rank got up into the 3000’s, which is really great for a book that’s not even out yet. It was a fantastic birthday present, and I hope you all enjoy the book when it comes out.


Congratulations to Heather from Illinois who won the Subway Commit to Fit Giveaway: iPod Shuffle and $10 iTunes gift card and has accepted her prize. There were lots of great song recommendations in the comments of that entry. I also learned that I’ve greatly underestimated the popularity of Eye of the Tiger, which was second perhaps only to Lady Gaga’s Poker Face, which most people seemed more embarrassed to be listening to than 80’s power rock. Ain’t no shame in bluffin’ with your muffin’, y’all!

See ya’ later!

I’ve finalized the plans for a meetup this Thursday Saturday, October 30th before the Rally to Restore Sanity in DC. I emailed everyone who commented on the […]

Subway Commit to Fit Giveaway: iPod Shuffle and $10 iTunes gift card

In the spirit of giving away other people’s loot, it’s time for another Subway Commit to Fit giveaway. As I mentioned before, the Commit to Fit program is encouraging people to set their own fitness goals, like Jared Fogle aka Jared the Subway Guy who is training for the New York City Marathon. This time around, they’re giving away a green iPod shuffle and a $10 iTunes gift card. (For the tech geeks among us, this is the 4th generation 2BG iPod shuffle.)

There is no doubt a good playlist can help you keep moving. When I ran a half-marathon, it was only a dance remix of Bryan Adams singing “Run to You” that got me through mile 10. Here are some of the songs I’ve been listening to on my walks recently. Links go to YouTube or iLike, and occasionally feature an anime fan video:

Catie Curtis – You Can Always Be Gone

Justice – D.A.N.C.E. (Not only a catchy song, but a good review of spelling.)

Seasun – Delorean

The Veils – Sit Down by the Fire

Carbon […]

Twenty Ten and a winner

I can’t get used to the year 2010 being pronounced as “twenty ten.” I’ve heard newscasters use it and radio announcers say it, and the new default WordPress theme is even called Twenty Ten. It’s everywhere, and it seems so odd to me even though it shouldn’t. I was used to saying “nineteen ninety” or “nineteen eighty-two” which use the same structure. But when we rolled all four numbers over into a new century we were suddenly saying “two thousand this” and “two thousand that.” It seems strange to go back to the old way now.

At least we’re in a decade that actually has a name. It’s the teens, right? Like how we had the nineties and the eighties and the seventies before that? I find it fascinating and sort of scary that when we entered the years 2000-2009—BOOM!—the word to describe the current decade disappeared from our language, and no one made a big deal about it. It was like someone had stolen all the forks in the world and we just made due […]

Subway Commit to Fit Giveaway: $50 Lulu Lemon gift card and a Gaiam gym bag and yoga mat

I was rather saddened by the comments on a recent giveaway post which revealed that many of you don’t have gym bags. Instead, you’re using plastic bags or stuffing items into your athletic shoes which you carry into the gym. So, when Subway approached me about their Commit to Fit giveaway, I took them up on it if only because I have the chance to give another one of you an actual gym bag, and lessen the chance that you’ll confuse your groceries with your gym clothes. (Please don’t eat your sweat socks!)

The Commit to Fit program is based in part on the goal of Jared Fogle aka Jared the Subway Guy to run the New York City Marathon this year. I met Jared in Indianapolis a few months ago, see!

Not only is he tall, he’s maintained a massive weight loss for over 10 years, which is deserving of a round of applause. No, really, please clap for the man. If you’re reading at work, golf claps will do. I also applaud Jared for training […]

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