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Bok choy stir-fry

As I was chopping vegetables in the kitchen yesterday evening, I realized something. I hate cooking! Cooking sucks! Sure, I have occasionally been charmed by gadgets such as the apple slicer and I enjoy eating new recipes that turn out tasty and delicious, but I still hate cooking. Hate it, hate it, hate it. I hate standing in the kitchen for an hour chopping and stirring and measuring and flipping. I hate being confused by recipes that say to squeeze the juice out of grated ginger when no juice seems to appear. I hate cleaning a dozen measuring spoons and measuring cups and dirty bowls when I’m done. Drive-throughs and pizza delivery are popular for a reason.

Still, I managed to cook some of my bok choy and ginger using the recipe for Stir-Fried Shanghai Bok Choy with Ginger from Epicurious.com. I started by peeling the ginger with a spoon over the trash can as some of you advised. And DAMN, you were right, that stuff if potent! As soon as the skin came off the […]

Upchuck update

Monday night, my nausea finally went away, either on its own or because I threw everything but the kitchen sink at it. (And if I really thought the kitchen sink would have had an effect, I would have thrown that too.)

The headache clinic I go to has an in-patient program that I haven’t done, but I have heard about. Their approach is to pump you full of lots of different drugs until something breaks your headache. I decided this was a good approach to take for my nausea too, so I took every single over-the-counter remedy I’d heard of for nausea, all at once.

First, I dumped a teaspoon of ginger into my vanilla yogurt and ate it. Then I went to the Kroger pharmacy and bought Nauzene tablets which I ate in the parking lot. When they failed to work in four minutes like the box promised, I started chewing the Spearment gum I’d also bought and drove across the street to CVS where I purchased Dramamine. I tossed that back in the parking lot […]

You're browsing the "ginger" archive: 
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