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The price of gas

When I graduated from high school 10 years ago, we could drive to the southwest side of town and get gas for $0.99 a gallon. Everywhere else it was $1.00 or $1.02 or $1.03, but over by Dixie Highway you could still get it for under a dollar. Gas prices are now at about $4.00 a gallon, which means the price of gas has quadrupled in the past 10 years. I’m pretty sure American paychecks have not quadrupled in the past decade, and I know the minimum wage hasn’t.

Do you know what craziness this has spurred? According to the news last night, people are riding bikes to work. And they’re carpooling. Horrors! Some people are even trying to sell their SUV’s, though nobody is buying. So, even though I hate paying $4.00 a gallon for gas, I can’t help but think it is a good thing in many ways for our environment and for the health of the community. Less cars on the roads means cleaner air. More bikers means people are getting more exercise.

Last […]

It’s a small world after all

I stumbled into an early bird sale at Kohl’s last weekend. I almost never go to stores without a coupon in hand, which was why I was at the Bed, Bath & Beyond across the street. I decided I needed a big cutting board to go with my big knife. My dinky little plastic board just wasn’t “cutting” it anymore. If I’m going to be chopping up heads of broccoli to roast I need more space for my produce scalping. Only I got to Bed, Bath & Beyond and realized I’d left my big, blue 20% coupon at home. Strange to think I’d misplaced it because those coupons are printed on huge cardboard postcards. It’s like losing a nuclear weapon. I decided to go to Kohl’s to see if they had a cheaper cutting board since I was in the neighborhood. At current gas prices I’ve calculated that it costs me about 11.5 cents to travel a mile. I really didn’t want my 69 cents to go to waste. That’s half a load of laundry […]

You're browsing the "gas" archive: 
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