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Farm Fresh Delivery: Organic, locally grown foods delivered to my door

As I sat on the hotel bed in Michigan, it occurred to me that I should have warned my roommate that a crate full of vegetables would be arriving on our doorstep that day. I had recently signed up for Farm Fresh Delivery, and had been meaning to mention it to my roommate, but it kept slipping my mind. When I returned home, I was happy to see my crate in the front hallway, like a late Christmas gift waiting to be unpacked!

Farm Fresh Delivery is a service offered in Indianapolis and Cincinnati that delivers to your door, fresh, organic produce that has been grown locally. There are similar services offered across the country, so I’d recommend that you search Google to see if there is one in your area. This site, Greenling, seems to have a directory.

I have been thinking of signing up for Farm Fresh Delivery on and off for several years now, ever since a blog reader left me a comment mentioning it. Several times in the past few years I would […]

PastaQueen picked a peck of apples

Yesterday, I put on my apple pickin’ hat, my apple pickin’ boots and my apple pickin’ shades and went to pick some pumpkins. Okay, I’m just screwing with you, I actually picked some apples. To be precise, PastaQueen picked a peck of apples at the Anderson Orchards near Mooresville. (I also want to note that I still have both of my legs, although the photo above makes it look like I only have one. I swear I have not become so desperate to lose weight that I have cut off a limb.)

Anderson Orchards is located southwest of Indianapolis. It’s tucked away a few miles off of I-70 and accessible via twisty country roads. My friend Jenny gathered a group of her friends and we traveled to the orchards on a bright and cool sunny day, perfect weather for picking. We parked in a gravel parking lot in front of the orchard and walked to the gravel road that runs through the middle of the orchard.

A man there was handing out plastic bags that were labeled […]

Tasty vs. Easy – Illustrated Fruit Graph from xkcd.com

My older brother sent me a link to this comic, which given my adventures in the produce section seemed relevant:

The comic is from http://xkcd.com/ who has a cool license on sharing and hotlinking, so I’m not even thieving his work (which kind of takes the fun out of it, doesn’t it?).

Personally, I would move the orange higher up on the tastiness scale, and bananas are definitely tastier than green apples, which should be moved below the tasty-axis. They’re just too tart for my tastebuds. I would also move pears above blueberries. I love blueberries in smoothies or in pancakes or oatmeal, but on their own I prefer the sweetness of pears. While grapefruits can be difficult, if you have the right utensils, they become easier to manage, so I would add a picture of a grapefruit plus a grapefruit spoon higher up on the easy-axis. Coconuts didn’t even make the graph because according to the mouseover text “Coconuts are so far down to the left they couldn’t be fit on the chart. Ever spent […]

Lick the Produce: They come in all sizes

No matter how many animals they categorize into species and phylums and kingdoms, they always seem to be discovering giant squids in the North Pacific or new mammals in Borneo. And no matter how many fruits and vegetables I’ve tried over the past year, I’m always finding new ones that I’ve never heard of.

Seckel pears

Food is so much cuter when it’s miniaturized. That’s why I buy baby carrots instead of their full-sized cousins. When I saw an eight pack of pears each the size of a baby’s fist, I snatched them up. These itty-bitty pears are also known as sugar pears, and after I bit into one it was clear why. They’re very sweet. Their small size makes them great for portion control too. I ate one or two at a time when I just wanted a small snack. I’d buy them again, but I got them at the late, great Sunflower Market, so I’ll have to find another sugar pear dealer before that happens. I’ll comfort myself in the mean time with this site […]

Name that fruit

I found myself in the rich part of town the other day, so I stopped into the Meijer to pick up some exotic fruit for my “Lick the Produce” feature. They don’t sell the weird stuff at my local Kroger. For that you have to go to the part of town where they have disposable income and are willing to drop $3.99 on something that looks like a cactus. I have several strange new items to try, but I realized one of them doesn’t have a sticker on it. I don’t have a photographic memory, so I can’t recall what was written on the label of the bin and I’m not driving all the way to that part of town again to find out. So, can you name this fruit?

It’s a bit larger than the size of my fist and I think the name starts with a “ch” sound. Now, one may ask, why don’t you just check your receipt for the name of the item? Well…I went through the self-checkout lane. I tried looking […]

You're browsing the "fruit" archive: 
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