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Not sure what to say

Have you ever been out at a restaurant with friends when you unexpectedly run into a coworker? Let’s make it even more awkward and say you run into your mom too. And let’s say the waiter is from a highly, specified Internet niche you belong to, like “people who knit Smurf clothes in the style of Revolutionary War heroes.” Suddenly, your head begins to explode as your try to draw a mental Venn diagram determining what shades of your personality you’ve shown to each group. Then you realize there is utterly no overlap between all the groups. You have absolutely no idea how to act. Should you be the amusing office serf? The dutiful daughter? Or should you start a conversation about the gender dynamics in Smurf society caused by Smurfette being the only female Smurf?

This is how I’ve felt lately about social media, be it my blog, Twitter or Facebook. I’ve got people from my work sphere, friend sphere, casual-acquaintance sphere, weight-loss sphere, headache sphere and lots of other spheres watching me in all […]

Thinking of you

Ever since I got my omni-present headache, several people have told me that they think of me whenever they get headaches. At first I thought this was bizarre, and sort of sad. I hate to be associated with someone else’s pain. Then I realized, it’s actually rather normal to associate a place or a thing or an idea with someone else. For example:

Whenever I see the almond butter at Trader Joe’s I think of Shauna (aka DietGirl) and my failed attempt to smuggle it into the UK for her.

If I see Spider-man on a lunch box, a pair of kids gloves, or the cover of a comic book, I think of my old boss, whose office was decorated with Spider-man paraphernalia.

If I see, eat, or smell a cupcake, I think of Rachel who blogs at Cupcakes Take the Cake.

If I drive by a certain hospital downtown or hear about it on the news, I think about a friend I had to visit there unexpectedly. (She’s doing much better now.)

When I visit a public garden or […]

Vacation hangover

I am back home again in Indiana, but I’m still recovering from my “vacation.” I didn’t check my email for over 24 hours and now I am buried beneath electronic messages. To tide you over while I dig my way out, here are two pics from LA.

I visited the Central Perk set from “Friends” on the WB Studio Tour. The service was really slow though. I’m still waiting for my latte.

I sampled the pumpkin ice cream at the Farmer’s Market and, DAMN, I wish this flavor was sold in stores. It was dee-lish!


Can Carolyn lose 100 lbs. in a year? Find out at 1940sExperiment.com, where one woman is living one year on wartime rations to lose 100 lbs.

Update 11-19-09: Okay, y’all, I have been informed over and over again that pumpkin ice cream is available in stores, and even if it wasn’t, you can make it yourself. Thank you for sharing.

Yoda, a stormtrooper and an Indian walk into a bar…

I’d never gone to a costume party for Halloween before this year. I know this is odd, but at least I am familiar with the concept of Halloween, unlike a friend I had in middle school who had lived abroad her whole life. I took her trick-or-treating for the first time in the 90’s and she was befuzzled by the concept, asking, “So, we dress up and they’re just going to give us candy?” It is sort of weird when you look at it from the outside in.

The party was held at a bar and part of the fun was guessing what everyone’s costume was. Some people were obvious and were greeted with, “Oh, you’re a butterfly!” at the site of over-sized wings that almost knocked over drink cups all night. Other costumes needed time for all the clues to arrange themselves into the answer, like the guy in a scruffy blond wig and a flannel shirt who I couldn’t figure out until I saw the shotgun. “Kurt Cobain!” (I didn’t say they were all […]

How to make friends and influence people

There was recently a study that said obesity spreads through social networks. Basically, if you have fat friends, you become more likely to become fat yourself. As with all obesity studies, there has been some debate as to whether the study actually shows what it claims to show. Is it true or not? I have no idea. My ability to interpret statistical data died the same day as my TI-82 calculator, which I used more often to play the skiing game than to calculate standard deviations. I know two different people can look at the same data and come up with wildly different conclusions. Basically, your fat friends may be making you fat or they may not be making you fat. Enlightened, now? I may or may not be a space alien with backward bending knees too. Hope that helps you.

I will share some stories though, and you can analyze them with your slide rule and spreadsheets if you like. At BlogHer I complimented a blogger on her dress and she told me she’d gotten […]

You're browsing the "friends" archive: 
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