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Moving is great exercise

As you are reading this I am most likely moving heavy objects, or even more likely, I am directing my brother and his friend who are moving heavy objects. I’ve decided to move to a new apartment, which sadly means I will no longer be running up and down the happy, fun, fitness trail on a regular basis. I love the trail, but I do not love it at the rate of $300 a month, which is how much I will be saving by moving. They kept raising my rent every year and I finally decided the pain of moving all my earthly possessions (my very heavy earthly possessions) was worth the money I’ll be keeping in my checking account.

As I noted a few years ago, moving is great exercise! Who needs a Stairmaster when you live on the 2nd floor? I decided not to infringe too greatly on my brother’s goodwill, so I lugged all my weights to the backseat of my car myself last night. I carried a grand total of 112 pounds […]

You're browsing the "fridge" archive: 
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