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Fit to be fried

As a Hoosier, I am proud to tell you all that the Indiana State Fair has banned the use of trans-fats in its concession stand food. That’s right, you can now crunch on a platter of deep-fried Oreos, Snickers bars and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups without worrying about extra hydrogen atoms in your unsaturated fats. Yippee?

I have never attended the state fair because I get headaches when I get dehydrated, so walking around a huge parking lot during a heat wave seems like a prescription for a migraine. However, I have been tempted to go simply because I am equal parts horrified and fascinated by the idea of deep-fried Pepsi. I think it’s awesome that you can deep-fry a beverage, even if it’s also proof of an unholy pact between culinary scientists and Satan.

I love the idea of cooking with sodas. I even tried a recipe for a Dr. Pepper Baked Apple once, which disappointingly tasted just like a normal baked apple. I am an unrepentant soft drink addict even though they helped make me […]

Greek yogurt is Greek to me

So, everyone in the blogosphere has been raving about Fage Yogurt. Diet Girl made a “flaming miniature birthday pavlova” with it. I haven’t the slightest idea what a pavlova is, but it sure does look good. Elastic Waist loves it with honey*. And Jen at Yet Another Weight Watchers Blog could not contain her love to just one post, but wrote two entries about it. Since we’ve already established that I have no mind of my own, I decided I needed to get some Fage Yogurt before every blogger in the country caused a shortage and I was left licking up the remains of a cracked container on the floor of the dairy aisle in the whole foods supermarket.

I bought both the 0% and the 2% variety to compare tastes. I tried the yogurt in several different recipes. I ate it raw just to get a taste of it. I mixed it with some blueberries as a snack. I put it on some sliced peaches with cinnamon like Jen did. I also tried Kalyn’s […]

Got religion?

I was reading one of the bazillion articles about how fat kids are these days, when I read this sentence: “Zeitler says when children slim down, it’s because ‘their families get religion about this and figure out what needs to happen.’” Immediately this made me giggle because the phrase “get religion” elicited imagery of a congregation baptizing members in a tub of fat-free yogurt. Yet that phrase perfectly evokes how I feel about how I’ve changed my life. Which is funny, because I haven’t gone to church in years, yet when it comes to snack foods I have become a slight zucchini zealot.

I once watched a “Where Are They Now?” special on VH1 which was a much more polite title than the equally appropriate “Washed-Up Pop Stars.” One of the people they interviewed was a protégé of Prince who used to slink around in lingerie and do drugs, but had now become a complete Jesus freak. They interviewed her in a church and every other word out of her mouth was about the Lord and […]

Lick the Produce Section: Just peachy

It’s time for another edition of Lick the Produce Section, the adventures of a woman who once weighed 372 pounds but amazingly enough had not eaten every food on the planet. She’s going to change that, and she’s starting in the produce section.


Apricots started showing up in the grocery bins this month, so I grabbed one. The cute, tiny, yellow fruit was sweet and juicy, but I couldn’t help thinking it resembled a plum or a peach in sweetness and delivery system. They are all roughly, spherical fruits with pits in the center that could chip a tooth if I bit into them incorrectly. It’s like comparing 80’s hair bands. You’ve got your Bon Jovi, your Poison, and your Def Leppard, but can you really tell that much of a difference between them through the haze of AquaNet hairspray? Perhaps if I were eating these fruits fresh off the tree I would notice more of a difference. Instead, I eat them after they’ve been shipped from some other state or nation. There certainly are differences […]

Tossed Salad

I was reading the Wild Oats e-mail newsletter yesterday and was surprised by two things. First, I subscribe to the Wild Oats newsletter. When did that happen? Wild Oats is a health food store which stocks organic produce and whey protein and other food items that three years ago I would have simply labeled “crazy hippie kibble.” Now I’m the kind of person who’s watching for sales on frozen blueberries so I can make more smoothies and oat pancakes. The second surprise was that according to an article called Spoiled Rotten, Americans “throw out 25 percent of the produce they buy because it’s gone bad.” Wow, that’s a lot of rotten tomatoes. Bad comedians beware.

Then I thought about the fresher drawer in my own fridge. It’s currently home to a tomato that will probably collapse into a liquid mess like Senator Kelly from the X-Men movies if I try to touch it. There’s also a head of lettuce that looks fine from the top, but is turning into a gooey, black mess on the bottom, […]

You're browsing the "food" archive: 
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