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This is how I spend my Sundays

Last Sunday I did something I’ve been threatening to do for years, something that required extreme heat, something that required specialized utensils, something completely bizarre and unimaginable which took an hour and 15 minutes.

I cooked all my dinners for the week.

Lately I’ve been so hungry for dinner when I come home that I haven’t been willing to wait 20-30 minutes to cook something healthy and wholesome and all that crap. I’ve been eating TV dinners or stopping at the grocery to buy overpriced sushi. A week ago Sunday I noticed my fridge contained a couple of zucchini and yellow squash in the fresher drawer in danger of going bad, a bag of fish fillets I’d thawed out several days ago, and a chicken breast I’d been meaning to grill for days. “Crap!” I thought. This stuff was either going to go bad or kill me when I did eat it if I didn’t cook it soon. So, I decided to get a little crazy and try a new strategy – I cooked three dinners […]

Too tired to slice

Last week I was too tired to slice a zucchini, so I just dipped the whole thing in hummus and chowed down. This is when I realized I’ve gotten really lazy about food preparation.

When I get busy, cooking is one of the first things that gets thrown aside. Sadly, flossing is usually next, which is why I’m crossing my fingers before my next dentist’s appointment. Recently I’ve been depending more on pre-packaged meals and the sushi at my Wild Oats Market. That’s why I freaked out last weekend when I pulled into the Wild Oats parking lot and the sign over their building was missing. Dear God, I just lost The Sunflower Market. I’d barely started sowing my Wild Oats. Was I going to have to start my own garden to get some whole foods? Thankfully, they were just changing their signage because they were bought by Whole Foods. The receipts have had the Whole Foods logo on them for weeks and now the outside is just catching up.

However, I should really start cooking […]

You're browsing the "food preparation" archive: 
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