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With a headache like this, I’m considering decapitation

I feel like someone has stolen one of my most valuable possessions: my health. Either that, or I have been kidnapped and replaced by someone who looks like me but does a very bad impression of myself. My doppelganger doesn’t run or lift weights, she doesn’t feel like blogging, and she sits around watching mediocre television all evening. Wait, she’s not my doppelganger! She’s me from 4 years ago! I’ve worked so hard these past years to become a better version of myself, yet all it takes is one headache from hell to instantly rewind all my work.

I’ve been hanging out with Mr. Headache for four days now. I’ve dropped some subtle hints that he should go home now (Advil and Tylenol). I’ve dropped some less subtle hints too (a shot and some prescription meds from my doctor), but it still hasn’t gotten the message. So, it’s just me and the pressure in my head until my skull explodes or it finally decides to piss off. Thankfully, my headache has dialed down its intensity from […]

The last 200 pounds are the hardest

NyQuil: The ultimate weight-loss drug. Who knew? Back in January of 2005 I started out weighing 372 pounds, so now I’ve officially lost over 200 pounds. I suspect some of that will come back though when I stop eating chicken broth and Jell-O. Seriously, losing 6.6 pounds in two days? Unlikely.

I always imagined this day as some sort of big celebration, but I feel like I won the Olympic medal while on steroids. Yeah, I’ve lost over 200 pounds, but the final credit goes to whatever bacteria or virus has infected my nasal passages for the past three days. Still, woo-hoo! My jeans do feel a little looser and I can sit in those Michael Kors pants I bought at the thrift store even though they were a little bit too small.

The second 100 pounds were definitely harder than the first 100 pounds. It only took me seven and a half months to ditch the first century whereas the second one took another two years and two months. Whenever people hear about how much weight […]

You're browsing the "flu" archive: 
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