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Review & Giveaway: Long John Silver’s Freshside Grille Menu

PastaQueen reviews the new Long John Silvers Freshside Grille Menu while attempting not to use pirate talk, me mateys. Arrrgh, she screwed up already.

Fish heads, fish heads…

For the white elephant gift exchange at work this week I recycled the gift I got last year – a $10 gift certificate to White Castle and a bottle of Beano. In exchange, I got an electric fish (who I have named Albert). Most of the office was surprised when I stole Albert from a coworker instead of grabbing for the expensive chocolates or coffee grinder. They think he is tacky, but I think he is the most beautiful fishy in the history of fishes! He’s all swirly colored! I don’t care what other people think. Albert is swimming happily in place on my desk, until the day he inevitably “mysteriously” disappears or finds a coral reef to better occupy him.

PastaQueen’s not-so-secret recipes: Catfish Tuscany

This is my recipe binder.

See its plastic, mayonnaise-proof covering? See its overly designed pages? See how I’ve collected all my favorite recipes into one binder?

Recently I’ve received several requests for recipes I’ve given a thumbs-up to which presumably won’t make the scale numbers go up too. I also talked to a food blogger a couple months ago who said the weekends are her highest traffic days because people search for recipes on the weekends. I put one and one together, and I didn’t get three, so I’m going to start posting my favorite recipes on the weekend for those of you who want to try new dishes.

We’ll start out with Catfish Tuscany (made with orange roughy in Indiana).

I was strolling through the fish section of the grocery store when I saw the big yellow “Manager’s special” sticker slapped on a package of catfish. I’d never eaten catfish, but I love cats and I love deals, so I bought it. Then I had absolutely no idea what to do with it. So I got on the […]

Lick the produce section: Don’t get parsnippity!

It’s time for another installment of “Lick the Produce Section,” a series cataloguing my continuing adventures to boldy try new vegetables that millions of people have eaten before. People used to live off the land, don’t you know?


A parsnip looks like an albino carrot. Could this be the work of Bunnicula, the vampire rabbit who sucks vegetables of their juice? It also looks like on organic baseball bat, so if ever an intruder were to break into my apartment while I was raiding the fridge, I could probably grab a parsnip and beat him death with it. Now that’s a handy root vegetable!

After taking this home from the grocery store I looked up its glycemic index rating and freaked out a little when I discovered it was 97. The glycemic index is a measure of how quickly a food is digested and how fast it raises your blood sugar levels. A spoonful of sugar rates at 100. So at first glance it looked like I might as well be chewing on raw sugar cane as […]

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