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The best wedding reception I never had a.k.a. my book release party

After running 13.1 miles in a half-marathon, I bet most people hobble home and collapse on the couch or a bathtub full of ice. I decided to hobble home and then hobble back downtown to PAR-TAY! It was somewhat difficult marching up the spiral staircase to the dining room at The Milano Inn where I was holding my book release party, but I made it to the top without tripping or without anyone looking up my skirt…I think.

I’ve never thrown a party before in my life. Even my childhood birthday parties were hosted by my mom, who bought the cake and ice cream and whisked my hair out of the candle flames before my head was set on fire. Since she’d proven herself so well in the past, I put her in charge of organizing this brouhaha. Thanks, Mom! There are a lot of questions that go into planning a party, like, where do we hold it? Do we serve food? How many people are going to come? Why am I so stressed out planning […]

Pasta that hits my soft spots

Sometimes people offer to send me free products so I will review them on the blog. Usually I turn them down because I have integrity and ethics and morals and not because I have no counter space for a machine that carbonates home-made sodas, no of course not. I don’t want to be a sell-out, and if I was going to sell out it would be for a lot more than a free yoga book. I prefer my kickbacks to have more kick than that. I have no problem recommending products that I have found on my own because people ask me what scale I use and what exercise DVDs I watch anyway. But it’s hard to stay objective if someone has given you something for free because suddenly you feel like you owe them something.

But sometimes people offer me free pasta, me, the PastaQueen, the major marshal of the macaroni military. When I got the e-mail from Fiber Gourmet offering me samples of their new light pasta it was like someone had just […]

You're browsing the "fiber gourmet" archive: 
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