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Eye appeal

I don’t cheat on my taxes and I never cheated on a test, but lately I’ve been experimenting with “cheat meals.” This kind of cheating doesn’t require me to make up imaginary deductions or sneak peeks at my friend’s quiz paper, but it does let me indulge in whatever I want for one meal a week as long as I eat healthy the rest of the time. Actually, I started out experimenting with a whole cheat day, but that turned into a food orgy that even Caligula would be ashamed to attend, so I’ve cut it back to just one cheat meal a week. It’s supposed to help prevent your body from thinking you’re starving and keep your metabolism geared up. Just like most diet science, I have no idea if that’s actually true, but I’m willing to experiment with it especially if it lets me sample those pastries in the Kroger deli that always look so delectable.

Sadly, some things look a lot better under glass than they taste in my mouth, like Starbucks pumpkin […]

You're browsing the "eye appeal" archive: 
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