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Still moving, but my body isn’t

I would not recommend moving out of your 2nd floor apartment with a western exposure on a clear, sunny afternoon of 90 degrees. My brother and his friend earned every penny we paid them to load a truck full of dressers and SteelCase desks. I loaded and unloaded 5 carloads worth of boxes and assorted stuff, and was surprised by how much you can cram into a 2002 Saturn SL1. And still, I have not yet moved everything out of my apartment. There are wall hangings to take down, kitchen items to box, more clothes to toss into bags. I don’t even have that much stuff, but it is amazing how exhausting it can be to move what little stuff I have. I have a true appreciation for what my mother went through every time we moved to a different state. I can’t imagine having to pack everything at once instead of gradually transporting all my stuff across town like I’m doing now.

My body is sore, and I’m glad I have a week of wiggle […]

Moving is great exercise

As you are reading this I am most likely moving heavy objects, or even more likely, I am directing my brother and his friend who are moving heavy objects. I’ve decided to move to a new apartment, which sadly means I will no longer be running up and down the happy, fun, fitness trail on a regular basis. I love the trail, but I do not love it at the rate of $300 a month, which is how much I will be saving by moving. They kept raising my rent every year and I finally decided the pain of moving all my earthly possessions (my very heavy earthly possessions) was worth the money I’ll be keeping in my checking account.

As I noted a few years ago, moving is great exercise! Who needs a Stairmaster when you live on the 2nd floor? I decided not to infringe too greatly on my brother’s goodwill, so I lugged all my weights to the backseat of my car myself last night. I carried a grand total of 112 pounds […]

Attention all do-gooders: Sponsor my 5K race and get a link

Were you aware that this week is National Headache Awareness week? You were? Wow, you’re really aware of your awareness weeks. Good for you! I am excited about headache week because now I get to be like all those people who run around talking about their diseases to raise money, like Michael J. Fox for Parkinson’s or Christina Applegate for breast cancer. I never had a favorite charity because I never had a disease that came with one. (There is no chicken pox foundation.) But now that I have a chronic headache, I’ve basically been assigned my own charitable cause! Yippee!

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve entered the Midsummer’s Night Run 5K race that takes place in Lexington, Kentucky on August 15. The race is organized by Central Baptist Hospital, but there is no official fund raising program associated with the event. So, I am launching my own sponsorship campaign to benefit the National Headache Foundation. All the money will be donated to programs devoted to headache education and research, so maybe one day they’ll figure […]

Technically it should be “Loveseat to 5K”

I used to exercise because I knew it was the only thing keeping the world from exploding. I would dash onto the trail immediately after work so I would have enough day light to complete my runs. I would lift weights as I watched Good Morning America. I did Pilates so much I found myself able to roll backwards and then leap up off the mat. I did this for months and months after I got my horrible, awful, no-good headache. I did it because I knew if I didn’t the universe would collapse and we would all die, because it was only the force of me exercising five times a week that was preventing total world annihilation.

But after about 8 months of the pain and the pathetic push-ups, I stopped. The running shoes stayed in the closet and my Pilates mat stayed in the corner and my weights just stayed put, period. And the world did not explode. The universe did not end. This was a very bad thing to discover. I needed to […]

French women don’t get fat

A Nutella Panini. Crepes with ice cream and chocolate sauce. A Cornish pasty. A custard filled donut with chocolate icing and white chocolate flakes. A Kit Kat McFlurry. A McCrispy. Pain au chocolat. Fish and chips. A whole pizza. A praline tart.

Those are the things I ate on vacation.

When I stepped on the scale Wednesday morning, I held my breath, stared at the nail hole in the closet wall in front of me, and dreaded looking down when the scale beeped. Then I exhaled and smiled because I had lost four pounds. I suppose all that nonsense about French women not getting fat was true.

Even though I ate all those scrumptious, delectable foods listed above, I also walked so far that my feet hurt at the end of every day. I walked and walked and walked because I knew something old and/or magnificent was hiding just around the corner, like a Metro stop leading back to the hotel. I probably walked 6 or 7 miles every day. I got blisters. I walked and walked and […]

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