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Mirror, mirror on the dressing room wall

The dressing rooms at Target are surprisingly well lit. This is a surprisingly good thing because Target dressing rooms also feature two mirrors on opposite walls angled perfectly for me to check out my back muscles. When I used to stand in the Lane Bryant dressing rooms, I was grateful that the room seemed to be lit by the glow of an iPhone. I looked at my morbidly obese reflection in the same way I would view a car accident on the side of the road, not really wanting to look but staring anyway. Now here I was years later, in Target, trying on a sports bra, flexing my whatever-the-back-muscles-are-called for at least two minutes, thinking “Damn, I look good.”

It was a good reminder, because someone snuck into my apartment and switched my dumbbells with heavier ones. I know that eight-pounder was not that hard to lift last month. I’m sure neglecting my upper body weight routine has nothing to do with it at all. I’ve been distracted with my new YMCA classes and my […]

Everlast winner and another contest

Congratulations to Kira, winner of the Everlast Giveaway! I have already notified Kira and sent her package off this morning. Thanks to everyone who entered. I really wish I had 166 track suits to send off to all of y’all, however my cloning beam is still in the experimental planning stages so I only had the one.

If you are still in the sweepstakes mood, Iateapie.net is running a What’s in your fridge contest where you can win a blender bottle. You’ll have to photograph the insides of your fridge to win though, so it might be best to remove the tomato covered in white and green mold even if the colors are Christmas-y.

Everlast Giveaway

I have more free stuff for you (if you wear a size S/P)! I feel like a modern day Robin Hood, taking items from marketing people and redistributing them to my blog readers. Everlast sent me their Energy Studio Jacket and Studio Pant which retail for $36.99 and $32.99 respectively, though the tags say $45.00 and $40.00. I guess they do that so you feel like you’re getting a deal?

They’re size S/P, which is my bad since I should have requested a larger size, but they are available in sizes small through x-large if you like the look of them. They’re made of a polyester and spandex blend that helps wick perspiration away from your skin. The pants have a pocket designed for holding an MP3 player. The jacket has two zip pockets too where you can stick your keys and cell phone. Tags are still attached and I promise I did not go running in them, so they still smell fresh and not like sweaty blogger.

If you want to enter to win these, just […]

You're browsing the "everlast" archive: 
Man looking into telescope

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