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Radio alert – Definitely Not the Opera

It was so windy yesterday, I thought I might see Dorothy and Toto flying around outside my window on their way to Oz. One of the nice things about freelancing is that the most dangerous part of the commute between my bedroom and my office are two cats who try to trip me. Alas, I was out of cat food for one of those cats, so I had to go out into the cold and 30mph winds anyway.

I also had to drive downtown to the public radio station to tape a short interview for this week’s Definitely Not the Opera, a weekly show on Canadian Public Radio. I do not live in Canada, so I hadn’t heard of DNtO before, but I downloaded the podcast beforehand to get a sense of the program and I think I’m going to stay subscribed. Each week they take on a theme and collect stories and interviews with people related to that theme. This week the show is called “Peep Show,” and no, I’m not going to reveal some […]

You're browsing the "definitely not the opera" archive: 
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