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I went to high school with a Pussycat Doll

Nicole Scherzinger, the favorite to win this season of Dancing with the Stars and lead singer of The Pussycat Dolls, went to my high school…and I have absolutely no memory of her! She was two years ahead of me, so we must have walked past each other in the hallways or back and forth from the Youth Performing Arts School where I took band classes. But there were 1600 people at my high school, and there’s no way I could be best-est friends with everyone. I was doing pretty well to have any friends, quite frankly.

Recently, I dug out my old yearbooks to see if I could jog any memories of Nicole, and certainly not because I hoped her yearbook photos would be as embarrassing as everyone else’s, proving that even beautiful, famous people were once ugly-duckling nobodies like the rest of us. Sadly, neither hope came to be. Here is Nicole in 1995:

Pretty darn pretty, just like today. And here is me in 1995:

I had way more curly hair than I could possibly handle. […]

Dancing with the Athletes

My most favorite show featuring sequins and feather boas and bad puns is back on the air. Yes, Dancing with the Stars is broadcasting live every Monday and Tuesday night. I think my fanaticism for the program is waning a bit, like the third year of a marriage where we’re starting to get used to each other. I’ve missed a couple of episodes already because the two hour length leaves my attention waning. I keep thinking “I should really be exercising or writing instead. Or better yet, dancing!” Then I leap up off the couch and do an imitation of the mambo that causes my cat to scamper out of the room in fear. He evidently fears flailing arms and booty shaking more than plastic bags.

One of the things I love about Dancing with the Stars is the athlete competitors. They always have an awesome attitude. Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, and now Laila Ali have all come in with a positive outlook and ready to work despite the fact that they had as much hip […]

You're browsing the "dancing with the stars" archive: 
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