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Guess my weight

One summer in middle school I got a season pass to Kentucky Kingdom amusement park with my friend Kathy. This was before I eventually got too fat to ride the roller coasters and completely lost track of Kathy, who moved a lot because her dad was in the army. For all I know, she could now be married to a German chiropractor and have lil’ babies that greet her every morning with “Guten tag!” before going off to kindergarten.

At the park there was a carnival game that fascinated me. It was the “Guess My Weight” game, positioned right by the human walkway over the highway, thus granting it maximum exposure to passers-by. Standing beside the barker was a scale with a circular face as large as Godzilla’s frisbee. The object of the game was to have the barker guess your weight and if he wasn’t within 5 or 10 pounds (can’t remember which) you’d win a prize.

I never played this game. Obviously. While I could still cram my ass between the safety bars on Thunder […]

Guest Blogging

I’m going to be one of three guest bloggers at the CalorieLab website from now until January 8 while its owner goes on vacation. It’s like house-sitting, minus the free cable. I was a bit surprised to be asked since CalorieLab is generally a news and information site, whereas here I just shoot my mouth off about whatever I want. But as I’ve probably shown over the past year, I’m always up for a challenge! Plus, now I can add “guest blogger” to my resume. Spiffy!

ETA: I’ll still be blogging here, by the way. I wouldn’t leave you people alone for too long. You might steal my stuff ;)

You're browsing the "clothing" archive: 
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