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Just a note

I thought I would bring attention to this question and answer from my FAQ, since it appears a couple people need to read it and I can’t shut down the comments on my last post until the contest is over next week:

Question: Can I give you advice on how to cut your hair, where to get your eyebrows plucked and what to wear?

Answer: No, thanks. I walk around this ugly on purpose.

Thank you. Now please SHUT THE FUCK UP and let me give away some God damn dresses, or I swear I will turn this blog around!

Igigi by Yuliya Raquel review and $50 gift certificate giveaway

Disclaimer: I received the dresses reviewed in this post for free from Igigi in exchange for publishing a review and hosting a giveaway.

Last year I reviewed an Igigi dress and a few months later a reader commented to tell me she found the perfect wedding dress there. That made me feel rather good, particularly because I know how hard it can be to find pretty clothes when you’re plus-sized.

Igigi sponsored my friend Wendy‘s annual Weetacon party again this year and gave the larger ladies another opportunity to get a free dress in exchange for a review. Or at least that’s what Wendy told us when we sent in our top three picks a month beforehand. Then she took us out to the parking lot on the first night of Weetacon and pulled out all three dresses we’d each requested from her magical SUV which like a TARDIS must have been bigger on the inside than the outside. There was much squeeing and jumping up and down and the experience was as close to the “Favorite […]

Review: Igigi L’Amourette dress

Learn more about Jennette’s rosettes when she reviews Igigi’s L’Amourette dress.

One outfit for everything

Comedian Mike Birbiglia has a bit in a routine where he talks about “one outfit for everything.” This is used to lead into the bit where he is ironing his pants backstage at a fund-raising event while wearing only his boxers. However, after much reflection I have to admit that I too believe in the concept of “one outfit for everything” and that outfit is jeans, a t-shirt, sweat socks and running shoes. In the winter a pullover sweater is added for warmth, but I would argue that adheres to the concept of one outfit for everything because it is part of the layering strategy. Thus, the sweater is part of the one outfit, but can be removed if the wearer determines it is too warm outside.

When I was losing all that weight, I became fascinated by clothes because I was now small enough to have a selection in outfits instead of just having the option to buy a mumu in black or dark blue. There were blouses and jackets and mini-skirts, oh my! How […]

The pants factor

It has been so nice not weighing in publicly this month, not updating my sidebar, not having to explain any loss or gain to the masses. I still weigh myself every day in the morning (after I’ve gone to the bathroom and before I’ve eaten my oatmeal to ensure the lowest number). I still keep my fancy charts and spreadsheets. But it’s been nice moving those numbers into the “Thou-shall-not-blog-about” category.

I have however been slightly worried about accountability. When I went to San Francisco for the BlogHer convention I told myself, “Eat whatever you want to!” which my brain interpreted as “Gorge yourself!” I tripped a mental switch that made me think I could eat whatever I wanted to as long as I was in California. I found myself wandering around the airport before my midnight flight looking for an ice cream stand because if I had a cone in the west coast terminal it would be ok, but if I stopped for one in Indianapolis it would somehow be “wrong.” The next time […]

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