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Igigi by Yuliya Raquel review and $50 gift certificate giveaway

Disclaimer: I received the dresses reviewed in this post for free from Igigi in exchange for publishing a review and hosting a giveaway.

Last year I reviewed an Igigi dress and a few months later a reader commented to tell me she found the perfect wedding dress there. That made me feel rather good, particularly because I know how hard it can be to find pretty clothes when you’re plus-sized.

Igigi sponsored my friend Wendy‘s annual Weetacon party again this year and gave the larger ladies another opportunity to get a free dress in exchange for a review. Or at least that’s what Wendy told us when we sent in our top three picks a month beforehand. Then she took us out to the parking lot on the first night of Weetacon and pulled out all three dresses we’d each requested from her magical SUV which like a TARDIS must have been bigger on the inside than the outside. There was much squeeing and jumping up and down and the experience was as close to the “Favorite […]

Explain the shoe thing to me

I do not understand shoes. I understand the purpose of shoes. I know how to put them on and tie them. But I do not understand the obsession with shoes that I am supposed to have as a woman. Why are some girls so into shoes? When I think of high heels or pointy-toed shoes, I think of blisters on my toes.

Or blood in my socks.

I wore fancy shoes to my presentation at the Twinsburg Ohio Library this weekend because I knew running shoes would be inappropriate. So I walked around in my loafers and my feet hurt and I bled through my sock and my skin is still raw. I guess this is a sign the shoes don’t fit completely right. Or it’s a sign that I have weirdo feet.

Either way, I don’t like high heels or fancy looking shoes because they hurt. You cannot walk long distances in them. You cannot stand a long time in them. They are pretty little pain machines. If I could, I would wear running shoes everywhere because […]

They really shrunk in the wash

I was folding my laundry last night, and I’ve eithered gained a TON of weight in my hands, or my running mittens shrunk:

They really weren’t kidding about that “line dry” stuff in the garment tag, eh? I know “My pants must have shrunk!” is a popular excuse for weight-gain denial, but I don’t think I’ve ever had a pair of pants shrink in the dryer. I wear a lot of space-age, artificial fibers, which are cheap and make me fire proof. They also don’t typically shrink on me. I actually giggled when I pulled the tiny black hand out of a pile of socks. It’s amazing how small they’ve gotten. These mittens look like they belong to a 7-year-old. I suppose that’s what you get for $5.00. Thankfully I was smart enough not to throw any of my new sweat-wicking activewear in the dryer, or else I’d probably be outfitting an entire kindergarten class by now.

Mental note: buy new mittens for running by Saturday morning. Mental note 2: read the garment tag before washing […]

I am not a model

There is no doubt that losing almost 200 pounds is hard. However, I recently discovered something else equally hard: smiling naturally with cute hair, flattering make-up, and uncrumpled clothing in good lighting. I think I’ll take cheese sticks and cardio over headshots and light meters any day.

I’m writing a book about my weight-loss experience (in bookstores Spring 2008!) and I know the first two things people are going to do when they pick it up is 1) read the back to see how much weight I lost and 2) flip to my author photo to see exactly how thin I look. Normally, I don’t care that much about looking thin in photos. I prefer to look thin, of course, but I focus more on standing up straight, brushing any crumbs off of my shirt and gluing my eyes open so I don’t get caught mid-blink. However, since this is a book about weight-loss, I would be na├»ve not to admit that I have to look thin in my author photo. No one wants to read […]

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