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You can’t really own music anyway

In preparation for my relocation, I am relocating a lot of my stuff—either to the trash compactor or to the half-price bookstore. While I feel some natural attachment to the items I own, it is amazing what you’re willing to let go of when you ask yourself, “Do I want to haul this 600 miles over the mountains?” So, farewell to my VHS fansubs of the fifth season of Sailor Moon! Adios to my college linguistics textbook! And good-bye to the majority of my CD collection!

When I was a kid, I would sometimes go through my dad’s record collection which took up two shelves of the living room bookcase. The vinyl discs were somewhat fascinating, and it was interesting to think of a time when this was the only way to purchase recordings of music. Looking at my hundreds of CD cases, I realized they are the 1990’s equivalent of my dad’s record collection. I haven’t used any of the discs since I ripped them to MP3 several years ago. When you put about 200 […]

Feng shui cardio

I emptied 13 shelves of books, CDs and stuffed animals on Sunday so I could rearrange my office furniture. I had to drag my heavy Steelcase desks across the room and walk two 8-foot tall bookcases into the spot they vacated, but I did it all on my own in under 5 hours. I nearly ran out of space to temporarily relocate everything during the process. I was a little worried my tall stack of library books would fall off the kitchen counter into the sink, but thankfully I did not incur any fees for damaged books. I decided the process counted as my weight-lifting for the day and took it easy for the rest of the afternoon.

I wasn’t even exhausted. I took a couple breaks, watched some Face the Nation (politicians suck), and I was surprised by how fast the whole process went. That’s one of the things about weight loss and being fit: it makes getting through life a lot easier. If I’d tried to move all my furniture 3 years ago, […]

Friday mash-up: Prison food, better butter and whisks

Slate magazine visited a prison food convention where they sell corn dogs without sticks because prisoners are less concerned about trans-fats than they are about getting stabbed before dessert. Manufacturers use some of the same clever dieting tricks we do, like selling lightly breaded chicken thigh nuggets that take up a lot of space on a plate. Inmates think they’re getting a large portion, but they’re really only getting four ounces. Being in prison obviously must suck, but I’d never thought about how unpleasant it would be to eat cafeteria food and “textured vegetable proteins” for 20 to life. While I at first resented cooking, now I enjoy it because I get to chose what I eat every night. I’d hate for that choice to be taken away from me, especially for “grade B type product” where price is more important than quality. Sadly, a vendor says prisons’ nutritional food requirements are a lot higher than our school systems. Pack your lunches, kiddos!


Speaking of nutritional standards, after I wrote about the Indiana State fair banning […]

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