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White elephant exchange: what a gas

At the office Christmas lunch yesterday we exchanged white elephant gifts. This has nothing to do with albino pacaderms from Africa, but instead is a ritual where everyone brings a wrapped gift that may be something good, something regifted, or something purposely hilarious. We drew numbers to determine turns and when your round came up you could either grab a new unwrapped present or steal something from someone else, who would then have to either steal something else or unwrap a new present.

My curiosity got the best of me, so I went for the largest gift and opened it to discover four bags of disposable write boards and pens with the company logo on them that can be hung on door knobs. Fortunately, it also came with some gift cards for music downloads, otherwise hauling that gift to the dumpster would have been my workout for the day. I was shocked when someone actually stole it from me, at which point I unwrapped a new gift and got a Starbucks card, which was stolen so […]

You're browsing the "christmas" archive: 
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