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Follow the blog book tour for CHOCOLATE & VICODIN

Instead of touring around the country, I’ve decided to stay inside my apartment and tour several blogs instead. From today until early March I’ll be making weekday stops at different blogs to discuss my book, Chocolate & Vicodin. We’ll be talking about how to cope with chronic pain, what makes a good author photo, how to stay fit and healthy when your unwell, how the publishing process works, and lots more.

I’ll be updating this list with links to the specific posts as we go along. I hope you’ll check them out! Big thanks to everyone who’s hosting me on this tour.

Feb 17: A Chronic Dose

Feb 18: This Mama Cooks

Feb 21: Roni Noone

Feb 22: Manic Mommy

Feb 23: Somebody Heal Me

Feb 24: Stephanie O’Dea

Feb 25: Kyle Hepp

Feb 28: Princess Nebraska

Mar 1: Shauna’s Life in Pain

Mar 2: Drummer Heather

Mar 3: Emergiblog

Mar 4: Jenny Ryan

Mar 7: Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone

Mar 8: Blog, Sheesh

The making of the CHOCOLATE & VICODIN book trailer

Behold, the grand unveiling of the CHOCOLATE & VICODIN book trailer:

Yes, books are now required to have video trailers. When I say “required,” they are not actually required, you are just highly pressured into making one, like babies are for couples in their 30’s. When my first book, Half-Assed came out in April of 2008, video book trailers were just starting to become the norm, but no one told me that until after the book came out! So, I threw something together using my weight-loss progress photos that came out fairly well. (48,000 views can’t be wrong, right?)

This time around I decided to seek advice from actual publishing professionals before making my trailer. I also viewed some trailers to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Research. (Yes, spending hours on YouTube can be considered research)

Rachel Kramer Bussel is an author friend who’s done lots of (Not Safe For Work) book trailers, and she said to keep it under two minutes and to make it match the tone of your book. It also shouldn’t be an […]

Get a signed copy of CHOCOLATE & VICODIN! Virtual book signing details are here

If you’d like to get a signed copy of Chocolate & Vicodin, my local independent bookseller is now accepting orders. Flyleaf Books rocks! And yes, even international readers can get one! (See, this is why Flyleaf Books rocks.)

If you live in the US or Canada

Go to the order page for Chocolate & Vicodin on their site, add the book to your cart, and then checkout. At the bottom of the checkout screen, right below the credit card info fields, there is an “Order Comments” box. Include the name you want the book signed to here as well as any other relevant info.

If you live outside the United States

Just send an email to info [at] flyleafbooks (dot) com with your name, address, signing information and ask how much it would cost to ship Chocolate & Vicodin to your country. (That’s the book, not actual chocolate and Vicodin, which would be illegal.) They’ll be in touch and can instruct you how to pay for the order, etc.

I am willing to customize the signing to an extent if […]

Congrats to DietGirl on 10 years of blogging! (And you’ll never guess what she’s giving away)

Ok, that’s not true, you can probably guess what she’s giving away, and it’s not a two-headed squid.

My friend Shauna Reid, author of The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl, has been writing on her delightful blog of the same name for 10 years now. I have to give her big props for her dedication and work ethic. Ten years is like a century on the Interwebs. Thanks for all the laughter and tears, Shauna!

And as if I couldn’t love her more, she’s giving away two advance release copies of CHOCOLATE & VICODIN to kick off her 10th Birthday Sell Out celebration. Just head over to this post on her site, leave a comment and you’ll be entered to win. Keep checking in every day, too, because Shauna’s giving away a lot of great stuff and entries are open to people outside of the US.

Sign up for the newsletter and get a chance to win a galley of CHOCOLATE & VICODIN

Head up, seven up! I’m going to send out my e-newsletter on Tuesday morning and it will include an exclusive chance to win an advanced release copy (ARC) of Chocolate & Vicodin. If you want to know how to enter, you’ll need to subscribe and confirm your subscription before then. The subscription box can be found on the home page of JennetteFulda.com as well as in the footer of any page there.

Back to your regularly scheduled blogging soon, I promise.

You're browsing the "chocolate & vicodin" archive: 
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