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Chicago meetup on November 8th or 9th

I’m going to be in Chicago eating a lot of oatmeal with 15 other health and fitness bloggers between November 7-9 for a Quaker Oats Living Proof blogger’s conference. It’s always fun to be invited to these things, but it always makes me feel slightly bad talking about it because it seems so elitist. “Look at me flying off for freebies all weekend! I’m so fancy! Whee!” Seriously, who needs that? When I went to the BlogHer blogging conference this summer I remember feeling the same way. There were all these parties going on, in fancy restaurants or in hotel suites, and some of them I was invited to and some of them I was not. Some parties I wouldn’t have gone to even if invited, but being on the outside can be lonely and a little sad.

Which is why I’m glad we’re planning a reader meetup during the weekend. So you all can come by and get some free food too! Yay! Everybody wins. (Except those of you not in the Chicago area. Oops!) […]

Weighing in on July

I don’t think the Internet hates me enough. I was sitting around last night thinking, “Hmmm, what can I do to get the Internet to hate me?” I could go to Chicago and eat deep-dish pizza, a cannoli with filling as sweet as frosting, chocolate-chip cheesescake, some apple crisp, a delicious lobster bisque, a million tasty hors d’oeuvres and I think there was a cherry cobbler and a cookie in there too. Then I could wash it down with some rum and coke (not diet!) and a pina colada and go home and weigh myself and discover I have lost a pound. I’m pretty sure that will make the Internet hate me. Do you hate me yet?

This weight loss business never ceases to confuse me. Sure, I did go on a 7-mile bicycle trip. And I walked a mile from the hostel to Union Station dragging my 40 pound suitcase behind me because I couldn’t find the right bus stop. And I walked another mile or two when circling in on the W hotel (which […]

I bike it like that

While I was in Chicago, Kathleen tried to kill me. This is Kathleen:

Kathleen was the homicidal bicycle I was assigned on Bobby’s Bike Hike, an otherwise awesome bike tour through Chicago. I thought about the boat tour or the highly recommended architectural tour, but when I saw an ad on the hostel’s bulletin board for a bike tour, I knew that’s how I’d be spending Sunday afternoon before my bus ride home. Back when I weighed 372 pounds, I could have handled floating around on a boat and my feet probably would have survived a walk around Chicago with only a few blisters, but there was no way I would have mounted my huge butt on an itty, bitty, bicycle seat. My butt rarely even fit into regular-sized chairs. So I decided I needed to bike around Chicago simply because now I can. And of course, I had a coupon. (When don’t I?) I also loved ringing my bicycle bell! I just wish there had been streamers on the handle bars too and a big […]

BlogHer 07 – Fun, Food and Fangirl-ing

I have a BlogHer hangover. Not alcohol induced, though the pina colada at the cocktail party was delicious and had a cute half-cherry on the end of the toothpick, just a mental hangover from too much awesomeness. Must take nap. Brain tired.

I was not sold into slavery by the MegaBus corporation, though the CTA bus I was riding Friday night sideswiped a taxi and confirmed all the justifications I had for not driving in Chicago traffic. But basically, yes, it was as fun and cool as you think it would be, which was refreshing because I always have a secret fear that I will go to fun places and not have as much fun as other people. As if “having fun” is a competition and the drunkest person who sings an off-key Kelly Clarkson song while wearing a glow-in-the-dark martini glass on their head wins. There was no drunken karaoke (at least in my room), but there was amazing food, even more amazing people, and yes, lots of fun. It’s also something that would have […]

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