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Do not ride the Megabus (triple exclamation point extremely necessary)!!!

This is what the Megabus looks like after it has been set on fire:

No, I did not set it ablaze, but after my recent experiences I would not blame anyone who did. As with most disaster victims, I had no idea what was going on until it was over. I was confused when the Megabus driver pulled over to the Kankakee rest area on northbound I-65, because there were no scheduled stops between Indianapolis and Chicago. Yes, the construction had forced us into one lane and an accident in that one lane had turned the freeway into a linear parking lot for an hour, but we’d finally gotten past the congestion. Why were we still traveling at 25mph?

When we pulled into the parking lot and the driver dove for the fire extinguisher under the front seat, I began to realize something was wrong. Then he opened the door and white smoke started to billow in, at which time I almost pissed myself and decided I needed that rest stop after all. I grabbed my backpack […]

Living proof of my Quaker Oats weekend

I ditched my 10 year high school reunion this weekend to hang out with my new boyfriend Larry.

We sowed some oats together this weekend in Chicago. Is it weird that he never took off his hat? (Oat-kay, I might be exaggerating, but he is actually nicknamed Larry by the Quaker Oats staff.)

This weekend I had a fantastic time meeting many lovely and lively health and fitness bloggers at the Quaker Oats Living Proof weekend. But let’s speak the truth here: ultimately this weekend came about because Quaker Oats wants to see what the blogosphere and social media can do for them. It’s about commerce. I know it, you know it, Quaker knows it, and now it’s officially out there. I did not go away for the weekend just because Quaker Oats is nice, though they were definitely nice. I got some free swag, free meals, and a free trip and Quaker got people talking about their products and started some relationships that will be to their advantage in the future.

That being said, just because there’s […]

Meet up update

Just a quick note, but I’m feeling pretty good and just rested up for 3 hours, so I will be at the blogger meet up tonight at 9:30pm in the bar at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago. I’m looking forward to seeing anyone who can make it. I’ll also be at the Panera meet up tomorrow. That is all.

Safe in Chi-Town

I flew from Indianapolis to Chicago today, which is probably as good for my carbon footprint as driving two blocks to the grocery store. While I am grateful for the free plane trip that Quaker Oats provided so I could attend their Living Proof weekend, the practical part of me thinks I should have just taken the bus. When you add all the time it takes to ride the shuttle from long-term parking to the airport, get through security, and ride the train into the city, I doubt I saved any time.

However, I probably wouldn’t have met Rod, the homeless tour guide either. As I was walking on the cold, gloomy streets of Chicago, I ducked between two columns of a bank building to look at my map I’d hastily purchased at Borders on the way out of town. Rod asked if he could help me and then walked me 6 blocks to my hotel. I did not immediately “make” him as a homeless man. He was dressed in jeans, a blue jacket, and a […]

Chicago meetup

I’ll be in Chicago this weekend with several other health and fitness bloggers. As promised we’ve arranged not one, but two meetups. I will definitely be at the brunch on Sunday morning, but I’m not sure if I’ll be at the Saturday night meetup. It will depend on how tired I am and if my headache is bad. I might be there, I might not, but I’ll try to let you know the day of. Here are the details:

Saturday, November 8th


Hard Rock Hotel Rocks Lounge

230 N. Michigan Ave

Chicago, IL 60601

Sunday, November 9th


Panera Bread

635 N. Fairbanks Court

Chicago, IL 60611

Feel free to bring a book if you want it signed. Or just bring yourself. Hope to see you there! I doubt we’ll draw as big of a crowd as Barack Obama did last night, but it should be fun anyway!

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