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A chat by the light of the fridge with Charlie Hills

Today I interview Charlie Hills of Back to the Fridge as part of his blog tour for his book Why Your Last Diet Failed You and How This Book Won’t Help You on Your Next One.

Where did the idea for “Back to the Fridge” come from? Is it because Marty McFly tries to order a Tab soda in “Back to the Future” and you recount in your book that you hate Tab soda?

Wow, that’s a connection I don’t think even James Burke could have made. Well, done! Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. To be honest, I initially wanted to call it “Tales from the Fridge” but that was already taken. Serves me right for not starting my blog back in 2002.

It actually turned out to be a good name, though. One thing I never saw coming was the shear number of movie references I make in my posts. I’d love to say I planned this all out to tie in with the movie allusion in the blog title, but then I’d be lying.

Early in the […]

You're browsing the "charlie hills" archive: 
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