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In search of Shredded Wheat (with real strawberries)

Has anyone seen this cereal box?

When the friend I was visiting a few months ago said I could eat whatever I wanted in her kitchen, I took this to heart and ate half a box of her sister’s cereal. I tried the Shredded Wheat with Real Strawberries out of curiosity, and then found myself eating three bowls of it over the course of a day. I left about half a bowl’s worth of shredded wheat and freeze-dried strawberries in the box, just so I didn’t finish the whole thing off.

When I got back home, I put the cereal on my grocery list, but after searching Kroger and Marsh, I cannot find this cereal! I began to wonder if it existed at all, or if I had remembered the name wrong. But there is nutritional information for it at The Daily Plate and a review of the cereal here, so it appears it was real even if it is not listed on the official Shredded Wheat web site.

Does anyone know where I can find this cereal? […]

Weighing in on May

Last Saturday I weighed in at 187 and was glad I’d decided the week before to nix the weekly weigh-in entries in favor of round-ups at the beginning of each month. My weight has been all over the place in May, making me wonder if I should rename this blog every week. One week it’s “Half of Me” and the next week it’s “Over Half of Me” and then the week after that it’s “Almost Half of Me.” I practically needed rotating logos.

So I was looking at that number, wishing I was a dishonest person and could lie about my weight or perhaps “forget” to update my sidebar with the number. Then I thought about everything I’ve been saying lately about how I don’t care so much about my weight as I do about being fit and healthy and able to roll on my back and fling myself up to a standing position. I asked myself, “Self, do you really believe all that stuff?” And I realized that yes, I do really believe all that […]

You're browsing the "cereal" archive: 
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