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You’d better get used to it, Java Bean

I got the cat carriers out of the closet this week as a preemptive strategic maneuver against the felines in the household. If the cat carriers are already out, the cats won’t freak out and dash under the bed when I grab their furry behinds to stuff them into the plastic prisons. Bwa, ha, ha! I have opposable thumbs and a cerebrum, which gives me the ability to plan. You are no match for me, kitties!

Then, yesterday afternoon, what did I find but this:

I bet he wouldn’t be napping in there if he knew what was in store for him this week. At least I know he likes his temporary prison!

Feline commentary on my new stability ball

The cats are thankful for loosely sealed Tupperware containers

I was away for Thanksgiving, visiting family in Louisville and enjoying this lovely Edible Arrangement:

Unbeknownst to me, while my roommate and I were away, the kitties were up to these shenanigans:

We do not know how many Snickerdoodles were lost in the bellies of the felines. Fortunately for my roommate, she has plenty of extra dough in the fridge to make more. Unfortunately, I love me some Snickerdoodles and will have to work hard not to sneak in some snacking like the kitties did.

As for the Edible Arrangement, it was as tasty as it was lovely!

Blogger’s Secret #1: When you don’t want to write a real entry, post cat pictures instead!

Java Bean hits a dead end at the drive-through.

What? I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I swear!

Office Krupke is my copy editor, which is why there are so many typos.

The Bookshop cats

I visited a bookshop in Chapel Hill called The Bookshop, a feat of creative naming I have not seen since my 6-year-old self named my stuffed dog “Doggy.” The Bookshop did not feature dogs, but two cats instead.

Red was hanging out in Kiddie Lit trying to get a catnap when I paparazzied him. I strolled further down the seemingly endless, narrow hallway that comprises the Bookshop, wondering if I’d entered a TARDIS. At the very back, in North Carolina books, I found Elmo.

Elmo gave me a look that seemed to say, “Fine, take my picture and then beat it.” The kitties had beds and scratching posts in the bookshop window with a sign that asked patrons to please not knock on the glass. While we were there, someone entered with their dog who was not on a leash. They were promptly told to beat it before a cat vs. dog battle could ensue.

I wish the book stores in Indianapolis had cats. For now, I have to settle for the independent pharmacy on the north side […]

You're browsing the "cats" archive: 
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