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Bye, Bye, Bash and lots of boxes

I want to remind everyone that my Bye, Bye, Bash is tonight at 6pm in the Biergarten at The Rathskeller. Full details here. It’s live karaoke night and I promise to buy you a drink if you sing. There’s only a 20% chance of rain, so hopefully you’ll stay dry even if you’re drinking. I’ll be waiting at a table with the awesome Hello, Kitty balloon. It cost $6.99 plus tax, but I figured I’m worth it:

Everyone is welcome! Drop on by if you can!

When I haven’t been buying cat-shaped balloons, I’ve been busy packing everything I own into liquor store boxes which I’ve numbered for easy reference. Thanks for the tips, guys! Wednesday is the big delivery day at the liquor store near me. So they’ve been really happy to see me come by the last two weeks. They practically tossed the boxes into the car for me. Of course, my new neighbors are going to think I’m a total alcoholic. Jose Cuervo and Captain Morgan are my new best friends.

I’ll probably regret asking this, but do you have any moving advice?

Photo by clevercupcakes / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

A month from now I will probably be neck-deep in brown boxes and packing tape, sniffing a Sharpie marker to relax. I’ll be moving to North Carolina at the beginning of July, and while I’ve moved across town and moved 70 miles away for college, I’ve never moved out of state. Well, not on my own. My parents moved us out of state several times when I was a kid. My only part in those moves was the “game” my parents had us play afterwards where my brothers and I competed to see who could collect the most packing inventory stickers off the furniture. At the time I seriously thought this was a game, and not a clever way to get your kids to do slave labor gleefully.

My memories of former cross-city moves include several last-minute carloads of crap piled into the back seat that I ferried across town, all while saying, “I think we can get the rest in just one more trip!” Ha! Since I don’t see […]

You're browsing the "boxes" archive: 
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