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BlogHer 07 – Fun, Food and Fangirl-ing

I have a BlogHer hangover. Not alcohol induced, though the pina colada at the cocktail party was delicious and had a cute half-cherry on the end of the toothpick, just a mental hangover from too much awesomeness. Must take nap. Brain tired.

I was not sold into slavery by the MegaBus corporation, though the CTA bus I was riding Friday night sideswiped a taxi and confirmed all the justifications I had for not driving in Chicago traffic. But basically, yes, it was as fun and cool as you think it would be, which was refreshing because I always have a secret fear that I will go to fun places and not have as much fun as other people. As if “having fun” is a competition and the drunkest person who sings an off-key Kelly Clarkson song while wearing a glow-in-the-dark martini glass on their head wins. There was no drunken karaoke (at least in my room), but there was amazing food, even more amazing people, and yes, lots of fun. It’s also something that would have […]

Off to BlogHer!

I’m leaving for the BlogHer conference in Chicago today. As some of you recommended, I checked into the MegaBus service and was able to get a round trip fare from Indianapolis to Chicago for $9.50. No, I did not misplace the decimal. No, I don’t know how they stay in business. They’re basically only asking me to buy 3 gallons of gas for them. I wouldn’t be surprised if they ask me to swallow a balloon of unidentified white powder before getting on board and then make me use the facilities before they give me my luggage back. That or they’re going to sell me into sex slavery in Taiwan. If I go missing, that’s where you should start looking for me. How do you say “Don’t stick that up there” in Taiwanese?

The other odd thing is that I get on board at some random street corner in downtown Indianapolis. They don’t use the bus station, nor do they use tickets. You just reserve a spot online and bring your receipt with the confirmation number. […]

Thank you for playing the name game

Thank you to everyone who has commented on the book title post! Your comments have been very helpful. Please feel free to continue leaving your thoughts there. As soon as my publisher and I decide on a title, I’ll tell you. It probably won’t be until next week or later though because everyone is at the big Book Expo in New York this week. One well-placed dirty bomb could take out the entire American publishing industry. Let’s pray that no jilted copy editors have access to radioactive materials.

I also wanted to tell everyone that I’m going to BlogHer!

BlogHer is an annual blogging conference focused on female bloggers (though dudes can come too). It is being held July 27-29 this year in Chicago, which is so close to Indy that I really have no excuse not to go. It is also the place where my book editor heard about my blog last year, so it’s not only a good place to meet new friends and have fun, but an excellent networking opportunity. Get your business cards […]

You're browsing the "blogher" archive: 
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