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Going to Wordcamp! Have fun at BlogHer without me!

Photo by wheelo28 / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

I’ll be getting my geek on and driving to Chicago today for this weekend’s Wordcamp conference. Wordcamp is when you pack up your morphemes and syllables and send them off for the summer to live in bunk houses and—oh wait. That’s a total lie. Wordcamp is a gathering dedicated to the WordPress blogging software, which is responsible for a big chunk of my living these days at Make My Blog Pretty. You know what that means? Tax write-off! I’ll be keeping my receipts.

I expect there to be a high concentration of pasty people and nerd boys at this shindig, so I’ll be highly disappointed if I’m not one of the hottest chicks there. I’m a pretty purty pasty girl. If you’re going and you see me there, say hey!

People have asked me, so I wanted to let everyone know I’m not attending the BlogHer ’10 conference in New York. I’ll make the probably erroneous assumption that anyone cares that I’m not going, and continue on with this entry. (If […]

Off to the conference that I shall not name

I’m riding the bus up to Chicago today to go to That Conference that I shall not name. Some of you are probably furrowing your brows and wondering, “Huh, what conference?” while the rest of you are thinking, “Oh dear Lord, would people shut up about that stupid conference already?” When I think about all the hullabaloo that arises around That Conference, I feel like Samuel L. Jackson at the end of the film Pulp Fiction where he’s yelling at Hunny Bunny to chill the fuck out while she continues to screech and prattle on hysterically. (See here, 2:50 mark. Beware massive profanity and low video resolution.) So, everybody, be cool, ok?

I have this odd sense of dread about attending That Conference this year and I’ve been trying to figure out why. I suppose it’s because at its worst, That Conference is a place where people claw each other’s eyes out for the chance at free iPods or laptops, all while screaming, “Look at me! Look at me! Are you looking at me […]

What is my blog about?

The 2009 BlogHer Conference is coming up in about a month, which means I need to figure out what the hell my blog is about. This will be my third BlogHer, and I can well remember the question, “So, what do you blog about?” which is repeated over and over in elevators and corridors and frequently at lunch right after you’ve taken a big bite of salad. I can also remember trying to figure out how to give a stranger an impression of the tone, style, and topic of my blog in just 2-3 sentences as I chewed that salad slowly.

At BlogHer 2007, I said, “I’m a weight loss blogger,” which made people give me curious looks because I wasn’t fat anymore and they had no idea how big I used to be because I only wave my fat pants around at special occasions. At BlogHer 2008 I said I wrote about health, fitness and weight loss, trying to place less emphasis on the weight part, since I was personally focused more on fitness and […]

Vote for the “Blogs & Body Image” BlogHer panel

I’m happy to see that some of my online friends have submitted a proposal for a panel at the 2009 BlogHer conference. If you are a fan of Roni, MamaVISION, Steph, or Melissa, take a moment to vote for their panel, will you? It’s a bit tricky to figure out, so follow these instructions:

Log into BlogHer if you’re already a member. If you’re not a member, register here.

Go to the Blogs & Body Image: What are we teaching our kids? proposal page.

Click on the link at the top that says, “I would attend this session”

And you’re done! Thanks.

Leave them gasping for air

I don’t remember the exact words I used to introduce myself at my BlogHer panel last weekend, but I do remember how everyone reacted. I said something like, “Hi, I’m Jennette Fulda. I blog at pastaqueen.com. Three and a half years ago I weighed almost 400 pounds.”

That’s when everyone gasped so hard I was nearly sucked off the stage.

I just flicked my eyes back and forth, furrowed my brow and thought, “What? Didn’t you read my bio?” I don’t know why I spent so much time deliberating over what to say in that silly little paragraph about myself if no one was going to read it. Now I wish I’d claimed to be the last Amazon warrior from Themyscira or that I’d been raised by alien goat people instead of whatever I ended up writing.

I’ve told my story so many times now that I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. I used to weigh 372 pounds, I lost a lot of weight, my flight leaving for Indy was delayed, I had some oatmeal […]

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