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FitBloggin’ 10: Will I see you there?

I will be flying to Baltimore at the end of March to speak at the first FitBloggin’ conference, the brainchild of Roni of Roni’s Weigh and Green Lite Bites and a zillion other projects that make you and I look like lazy layabouts. Since this is the first conference, attendees and speakers will really get a chance to set the tone and shape the event. It might turn into an annual thing if all goes well.

Registration is open and there are lots of other cool speakers attending. I plan on having a good time and I hope to see you there having fun too!

What is my blog about?

The 2009 BlogHer Conference is coming up in about a month, which means I need to figure out what the hell my blog is about. This will be my third BlogHer, and I can well remember the question, “So, what do you blog about?” which is repeated over and over in elevators and corridors and frequently at lunch right after you’ve taken a big bite of salad. I can also remember trying to figure out how to give a stranger an impression of the tone, style, and topic of my blog in just 2-3 sentences as I chewed that salad slowly.

At BlogHer 2007, I said, “I’m a weight loss blogger,” which made people give me curious looks because I wasn’t fat anymore and they had no idea how big I used to be because I only wave my fat pants around at special occasions. At BlogHer 2008 I said I wrote about health, fitness and weight loss, trying to place less emphasis on the weight part, since I was personally focused more on fitness and […]

Thank you

Thank you everyone for all your well wishes and support. I appreciate it very much. If good thoughts could cure headaches I would be well by now!

However, I have learned it’s best not to wallow (or to try not to wallow anyway), so I’m going to continue on blogging about other stuff. So, don’t act too weirded out when I start talking about how to set your goal weight and things like that. I could whine about my headache all the time, but that would get old for all of us very quickly.

ETA: Oh, yesterday some people were getting a 500 error after they left a comment. I don’t know for sure why this was happening, but I would guess it was due to high traffic because it is weight loss resolution season. If it happens to you, just hit the “Back” button and try submitting your comment again and it should hopefully work. I will delete any duplicate comments…someday.

It will be interesting to see the comments on my entry about comments

It was interesting to observe the reaction to two of my entries last week. First, I announced that I was sending my cat Officer Krupke to live with my mother because he could not get along with the new and more lovable kitten, Java Bean. Most everyone was supportive of the decision and related similar experiences. Then the next day I announced that I’d changed my mind and couldn’t bare to part with the furry curmudgeon. Most everyone was supportive of the decision and related similar experiences.

What the hell is wrong with you people?

It appears that people were much more willing to comment on a post when they agreed with the situation. Otherwise, they tended to keep their mouths shut. This only seems polite since the post was about a personal matter. If we were discussing politics or the economy or something where a person and a cat’s feelings weren’t involved, I think people would be more likely to voice a dissenting opinion. You all certainly had a lot to say about natural sweeteners last […]

Any Biggest Loser fans?

I subscribe to the ProBlogger Twitter feed for blogging tips, but they also post job listings. I just saw that a site is looking for a blogger to recap The Biggest Loser after each show. I doubt it is for the official NBC site and is instead probably for a TV blog. I don’t watch the show, but if there are any fans who want to be paid $12 per post for a program they’re already watching, you can get the details here.

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