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My timing is off

Hello, dear readers. I wanted to apologize for the fact that I’m posting two reviews less than a week apart from each other. The Fage review has been in the works for weeks, and I forgot it was finally going live this week, otherwise I would have posted the Home Trends review sooner or later. I have a bazillion things going through my head these days (including the ever-present headache) and I futzed up the timing on this. I don’t want the blog to turn into a big advertorial, so rest assured I will hold off on any more reviews for several weeks. Please bear with me!

The falcons are back!

The falcons are back!

Every year a pair of Peregrine falcons make a nest and lay some eggs at the top of the Market Tower building in downtown Indianapolis. The Indy Star has a pair of webcams in the nest box so you can watch the lil’ birdies in 30-second updates. You can also take bets on when the first eggs will be laid and when the fuzzy lil’ birdie babies will be born (probably in a week or two if you look at previous years). All the updates are reported on the falcon blog.

I’ve had the webcam up on my computer at work, watching as the falcons come and go, making circles digging out their nest, and generally wishing I was a bird who could just fly around as I please instead of a woman sitting behind a computer all day with a constant headache. Do birds even get headaches?

In the spirit of full disclosure, my full-time job is in some way connected to the falcon blog. However, I mention it because I love to […]

Reviews: An experiment and ground rules

Over the years I’ve started to get more and more press releases that include an offer to review INSERT YOUR STUPID PRODUCT HERE. Most of these get tossed in my trash bin. Sometimes I giggle or roll my eyes before I delete them, like I did all three (yes three!) times they sent me the press release for the arm flab girdle. At first it was fun to get these emails because if I was getting PR spam it meant someone was reading my blog, even if it was only a computer program harvesting email addresses on web pages that use the word “lard.” But I got over that thrill really quickly and now they’re mostly annoying. (Yeah, I know, poor, poor, me.)

Sometimes though, I get sent an offer to review a product that genuinely intrigues me. It could be for a product I’ve heard about or something I think my readers might enjoy. This has always caused an ethical pickle for me because I don’t want my blog to become one long infomercial, but […]

Little earthquakes

Last April it was dark and early and my bed was shaking. Alas, I was not having mind-blowing sex. I was lying in bed alone at 5:36am which is a time that I am almost never awake unless my cat is very hungry and I have forgotten to shut the bedroom door. As the movement shook my brain awake, I realized what was happening.

I was in an earthquake! In Indiana! Finally!

I have always wanted to be in an earthquake, just to know what it feels like. I know people sometimes die in earthquakes, so I didn’t want to be in one of those earthquakes, just a safe little earthquake where the ground moved and the plates rattled and perhaps a picture fell off of the wall. I don’t live in California though, and I don’t have any plans to move to a major fault line, so the possibility seemed slim. But here I was, at 5:36am, experiencing my first earthquake and it was awesome. I couldn’t wait to blog about it.

Then I realized, wait, […]

I love what you’ve done with your HTML!

Those of you who read this blog in a feed reader probably haven’t noticed that PastaQueen.com got dressed in a new blog design last night. The reasons for this are explained in the next post. Like any renovation, it took a lot of work and even more time. Unlike other renovations, I had to say up until 1:40am to get everything working. Now that it’s up, I want to give you a tour of the changes and new features.

Follow me

The left sidebar is dedicated to widgets. The first one is the new “Follow me” section which links to my Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and Facebook pages if you want to follow me outside of this blog. My last 3 tweets also appear in this box so you can keep up with my micro-blogging.

Better archives and search

Previously, you could only view a complete list of my archives or scroll forward and backward via links on individual entries. You can now view the complete text of all my entries for one particular month on one page in chronological […]

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