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My blog, now with more tweets

Not all of my readers follow me on Twitter. Either they don’t understand this whole Twitter thing or they don’t care about tweets and retweets and twittermania, or it’s just too much work to keep up with a blog and Twitter and Facebook and OMG my head is gonna’ explode! That’s cool. I get that. Millions of people were texting before I sent the first message on my cell phone, and I still don’t know what Google Wave is or what it does or why I should care.

However, I wanted to share my tweets with the segment of my blog readers who don’t subscribe to Twitter, but I also wanted to incorporate them in a more organic way than that widget in my sidebar allows. So I’ve updated the home page of my blog so my recent tweets appear in the stream. Both the blog posts and the tweets are sorted in descending chronological order in regards to when they were posted.

The tweets do not appear in my blog feed. I figure, if you want […]

Blog maintenance: Sidebar updated

If you’re following the blog in a feed reader, you won’t have noticed this, but I just updated the right rail of the site so the blog has a two-column design instead of a three-column design. There was a lot of stuff over there and it was looking awfully cluttered to me, so I’ve changed it to look a lot cleaner. Hopefully it’s also easier to read and use. If anyone runs into any problems with the new design, please comment on this entry with your browser and platform (i.e. Internet Exploder 7 on Windows XP). If you find anything hard to read or use, feel free to comment too.

However, if you’re running Internet Explorer 6, please don’t bother to comment at all, just upgrade already. You can get Microsoft to send you a CD for free (UPDATE: I’ve been informed it actually costs $5. Sorry!). I won’t bore you with the details why, but IE 6 is a piece of crap that has wasted literally millions of man hours around the world. Please, do […]

I’m sure my Hebrew readers will be disappointed

I’ve flipped the layout of the blog so the content is on the left and the sidebar is on the right. Enough people told me they had usability issues with the old format that I decided it was worth taking the time to change it. If anyone runs into an error with the modified design, report it as a comment on this entry. You might have to refresh your page to see the new images. Try holding down the “Shift” key while clicking the “Refresh” button if you can’t get the new images to load.

I liked trying something different with the old layout, but I suppose it would have worked better if we read right to left. If I ever start a blog written in Hebrew, I might revive the design :)

I love what you’ve done with your HTML!

Those of you who read this blog in a feed reader probably haven’t noticed that PastaQueen.com got dressed in a new blog design last night. The reasons for this are explained in the next post. Like any renovation, it took a lot of work and even more time. Unlike other renovations, I had to say up until 1:40am to get everything working. Now that it’s up, I want to give you a tour of the changes and new features.

Follow me

The left sidebar is dedicated to widgets. The first one is the new “Follow me” section which links to my Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and Facebook pages if you want to follow me outside of this blog. My last 3 tweets also appear in this box so you can keep up with my micro-blogging.

Better archives and search

Previously, you could only view a complete list of my archives or scroll forward and backward via links on individual entries. You can now view the complete text of all my entries for one particular month on one page in chronological […]

Now with threaded comments!

I like to spend my Saturday nights doing wild and crazy things, like installing blog plug-ins. Yesterday night I installed the Simply Threaded plug-in, which I hope you all will take full advantage of. It allows you to respond directly to any comment on a post, displaying your comment directly underneath and indented, instead of displaying your comment at the bottom of all the comments (though you can still do that too). This is handy because it will allow me to directly respond to people’s questions instead of editing comments and inserting my answers in bold text as I have been doing. Here’s an example of how it looked when I responded to Jeni’s question about Cliff Blox:

All you have to do is click the “Reply” link on any person’s comment. Your browser will then jump to the bottom of the page where a checkbox will have appeared with the name of the person who’s post you are replaying to. If you are using Firefox, the checkbox is automatically checked. If you are using Internet […]

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