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Bluebell and the Bicycling Brownie Bandit

I bought a bike. I probably paid fifty dollars more for it than if I had shopped around. They charged me extra for the kickstand and the water bottle holder too. But I decided I needed to buy a bike already or I would never do it. So I bought a bike – a beautiful, blue bike. I’ve named her Bluebell.

She has flowers and bubbles imprinted on her handles and seat.

And stylish decals painted on her frame.

Basically, this bike is targeted at young women who aren’t as concerned about performance as they are about riding a pretty bike, a demographic I fall squarely in. If you fall in that demographic too and want to buy your own, she’s a Trek 7100 WSD.

I rode Bluebell to Butler University to buy Avenue Q tickets, saving money on gas and obscene TicketMaster “convenience” fees which I have never found to be convenient. However, I’d forgotten I was getting my hair cut on the same day. So I went to the stylist and told her I was going out […]

Lipton bicycle winner

The winner of the Lipton bike giveaway was Christy, who has already been contacted and confirmed her win. I mentioned the winner in a blog post last week, but several people have asked me who won since then. So, there you go. It was Christy, not you, terribly sorry. I wish I could give bikes to everyone, but unless you want one still attached to a bike rack, I can’t possibly afford to do that.

Lipton Tea bicycle giveaway

When my older brother was in elementary school, he came home one day and asked my mom for a dollar to buy a raffle ticket. This was the 80’s, so a dollar could buy you at least two gallons of gas back then. It was big money.

“Why do you need it?” she asked.

“I’m going to win a bike!” he told her.

The school was raffling off prizes as part of a fundraiser and my brother had his eye on the shiny, yellow, 10-speed bicycle. My mom gave him a dollar and prepared for the fallout when the young boy had a sudden lesson in probability outside of math class.

The next week he walked home with a shiny, yellow, 10-speed bicycle. Screw you, probability!

When Lipton Tea contacted me asking if I’d like to give away a bike on my web site as part of a promotion for their new Lipton’s White Teas, I thought of my brother and decided, “Yes, I would!” I try not to do too many corporate promotions around here since I consider this […]

I bike it like that

While I was in Chicago, Kathleen tried to kill me. This is Kathleen:

Kathleen was the homicidal bicycle I was assigned on Bobby’s Bike Hike, an otherwise awesome bike tour through Chicago. I thought about the boat tour or the highly recommended architectural tour, but when I saw an ad on the hostel’s bulletin board for a bike tour, I knew that’s how I’d be spending Sunday afternoon before my bus ride home. Back when I weighed 372 pounds, I could have handled floating around on a boat and my feet probably would have survived a walk around Chicago with only a few blisters, but there was no way I would have mounted my huge butt on an itty, bitty, bicycle seat. My butt rarely even fit into regular-sized chairs. So I decided I needed to bike around Chicago simply because now I can. And of course, I had a coupon. (When don’t I?) I also loved ringing my bicycle bell! I just wish there had been streamers on the handle bars too and a big […]

You're browsing the "bicycle" archive: 
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