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Beach baby

I was scanning old family photos this weekend and came across this photo of me at the beach. I don’t remember that swimsuit. I don’t remember having my picture snapped. But there I am, in a moment, enjoying the sand and the waves. Did people ever get a chance to sneak peeks into their past like this before Kodak came along?

Hangin’ out at my pier

I am at the beach! That is why I posted that depressing entry yesterday, which I actually wrote two weeks ago while pinned to the couch by the gravity of massive depression. I feel much better now, but on Monday morning I needed to post something, and that was all that was in my queue, so Bummed Out Monday it was!

I am in Nag’s Head, North Carolina, checking out my pier.

You can tell it’s my pier because not only is my name on it, but it’s spelled right. I made sure the sign-painting people didn’t misspell it. However, Hurricane Isabel did a number on my pier a few years ago (more like Hurricane Is-a-Bitch), so I hired some contractors to fix her up.

It will be 2011 or so before I can invite y’all over, but keep your calendars clear for when we open up again! And remember, you read it on the Internet, so it must be true!

You're browsing the "beach" archive: 
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