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Lick the Produce: Scraping the bottom of the barrel

I’ve been Licking the Produce for over a year now, and damn is my tongue sore. I’ve tried countless new fruits and vegetables. Well, you actually could count them, but I’m too lazy to go back through the archives and do that. Let’s just say there have been a lot. Here are some more.

Yellow Plum

The yellow plum really did start out yellow, but turned a nice shade of red by the time I took a picture. It tasted like a plum. What I enjoyed most about the plum was that it came from Chile, which made me think of Kyle, (Hey, Kyle!) and how cool it is that blogging has allowed me to meet people in countries that export tropical fruits to the US.

Assorted Squash

Last fall I tried all of the squash pictured above – an acorn squash, a gold acorn squash, a white acorn squash and a delicata. They all tasted like squash. That’s why I didn’t blog about it.

In the past two months I’ve desperately been searching the produce section for fruits and […]

Lick the Produce Section: Instructions included

It’s time once more for me to try to eat fruits and vegetables that I’ve never eaten before, but only after I take poorly lit photos of them on my kitchen counter. However, eating new foods can be very tricky, as I learned when I bit right into a mango’s waxy skin, so thank goodness there were instructions printed right on the label this time. Thank you acorn squash growers of America for realizing I have no idea how to cook your product! You saved me two minutes looking it up on Google.

Acorn Squash

The acorn squash does sort of look like an acorn. When I picked it up at the grocery store, I had an urge to hold it up to my face with both hands and twitch my nose like a giant squirrel. However, I did not dig up the linoleum and bury it in the produce section. Instead, I just split it open with my giant knife and scooped out the insides before baking it in a pan of water.

I scraped out the […]

You're browsing the "acorn squash" archive: 
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