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My First 10K: I only did it for the cinnamon crunch bagel

The only thing you really need to know about the 10K I ran on Saturday morning is that, yes, there were cinnamon crunch bagels. And yes, they were even tastier than y’all led me to believe.

Take note of the man over my right shoulder who is surely thinking, “Mmmm, I wish I’d gotten one of those bagels.” I don’t know why they call it a bagel since it was really a cinnamon roll with a crunchy topping. Coming in at 410 calories, I still burned off more energy running 6.2 miles than I consumed eating it. That, my friends, is truly sublime. (We’ll just ignore the part about 75g of carbohydrates. 75 grams!)

My mom stayed over the night before the race and got up at 6:30am to cheer me on and be my official race photographer. If that wasn’t enough, she also bought me flowers which are currently on my counter being guarded by the prince from the Katamari Damacy video game. (I made him promise not to roll them up in a […]

Snow falling on bloggers

I’ve really got to work on my running playlist. Right as I hit the halfway point on this morning’s training run, the band Speedway started singing “I can’t turn back” into my headphones. Sorry, Speedway, I can turn back and I will because I parked my car at the running store. After I’d run 22 minutes and 30 seconds in one direction, I needed to turn back to complete a grand total of 45 minutes.

I can tell that the training program is working because I ran for three-quarters of an hour today like it ain’t no thang. It was work, but it wasn’t impossible and at no point did I feel like collapsing or stopping at my apartment on the way back. However, running conditions could have only been crappier if I’d stumbled in dog doo. The trail was covered in so much snow that other people’s footprints were the only proof that it was there. I couldn’t see the road at all. It was like driving in a downpour by following the taillights of […]

You're browsing the "10k" archive: 
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