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In fifth grade I won a Christmas greeting card contest. I don’t remember what I drew, but I sketched something with my crayons and a week later I was called to the art teacher’s office to take a photo with my nice big trophy. I beat out all the other kids in the school district, including Jennifer, who was the most talented artist in my class. It was nice revenge because Jennifer had recently won the Young Author’s contest with her picture book. I had written a 20-page tome about the forbidden friendship between a fox and a bunny rabbit and won bupkis. I like to think the universe got its wires crossed and I ended up with her art trophy and she ended up with a certificate or plaque or whatever they gave the Young Author’s winner.

If you too have a desire to design greeting cards, you should enter Hallmark’s your Greeting Card Competition. They won’t give you a trophy, but they will give you $250 if you are one of the ten finalists. They’ll also print and sell your card online. Then they’ll give you another $2,250 if you win. All you have to do is design the cover of a greeting card on the (CONNECTING)RED theme and submit it by Sunday.

No, this has nothing to do with weight-loss, I just love Hallmark. They’re the only global corporation that has bought me sushi. They’re evidently going to start a series of these contests and the next one involves pets, so I might have to enter my cat Krupke, who has lost a pound in the past 3 months. I may be maintaining, but my cat is kicking ass! Look, I tied it into weight loss after all.

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Lisanti • November 22, 2007 at 10:48 am

Not only did you tie your cat into weight loss. The Hallmark (Connecting) RED theme states, “We will publish the best, and everyone will weigh in to award the grand prize. ” :) I’ve got my 204 pounds ready.


Israel • November 22, 2007 at 11:14 am

i’m in. I love things like this, although I never win I like knowing that someone got to see my stuff. thx.


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