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Weight: 182 – Pounds left to lose: 22

I haven’t ridden a steel and beams roller coaster for years now, though I’m finally thin enough to do so again, but I was riding the weight roller coaster this week. It was down and then it was up and now it’s down again, so I’ll just clap my hands and say “Yay!” and hope it continues on a downward trend. Maybe next month I’ll hit 180 and have some new progress pics for you.

My kickboxing instructor seems to be sick or injured. Perhaps she got into a fight with someone with a better right hook than her. Two weeks ago I picked up the phone to hear the automated voice of an auto-dialer telling me class had been canceled. This week we had a – duh, dun, duh – substitute teacher. Perhaps my instructor is not injured at all, but just wants us to appreciate us more. Maybe she sent in a sub so we’d see how good we’ve got it with her.

The class I’m taking is called Turbo Kick, which is basically a franchise. Instructors have to buy specific Turbo Kick CDs and learn the routines that goes with that music. There is a structure to the workout which includes a warm-up, punches and kicks, a turbo session that is really fast paced, a cool down and some ab work.

The sub took us through a kickboxing aerobic workout, but it was not Turbo Kick. It was Turbo Boring. I’d been a bit frustrated during the first 6 weeks of this class because it’s been difficult for me to learn the complicated routines, especially since I have a low body intelligence. I’m not a dancer, I can’t mimic and learn a routine quickly just by watching someone. There is no mirror in the gym where we exercise, but I’m sure I quite frequently look like a mime being attacked by fire ants. You’d think I’d like the simpler routine the sub led us through

Only I didn’t. I kept checking the clock, which I’d never done before. I guess I like a challenge. I constantly have to think during Turbo Kick, but throughout the sub’s routine my mind was wandering like a drunken bum in the market district. It eventually stumbled over the thought, “If people try doing exercise that is this boring, no wonder they quit and go back to doing laps around the drive-through window.”

This wasn’t the sub’s fault. She wasn’t a Turbo Kick instructor and it seemed like she had probably been called at the last minute and had to throw something together. There were some good things about the session too. Because she was doing simpler routines I got to focus on her form more and I think I improved my technique. She also counted down how many more reps of a move we were doing, “8…7….6…” which was helpful because it prepared me for when a switch-up was coming.

She also gave us a bit more personal attention than the other instructor. About 20 minutes into class she started to head my direction. Suddenly I was back in band class, clutching my flute as Mr. Robinson pointed to me and said “PastaQueen, could you please play the four bars at the top of page two?” I put my lips to my mouthpiece and blew out a high-pitched trail of aural diarrhea. “Why don’t you sit that section out, okay?” he said as I shrunk to the size of a pea pod with cheeks the colors of tomatoes. And then I was back in the elementary school gym and the instructor was showing me how to properly time the upper body twist and knee raise. I appreciated that she was showing me how to do the move properly without injuring myself, but OHMYGOD iz soooooo embarrassing, I wanna die!

However, all my exercising in public this past year and running on the trail in a tank top despite my flabby arms etc. etc. has made me grown accustomed to the fact that sometimes I will simply look ridiculous and that’s just that. Everyone gets to play the dummy sometimes. When I had to inflate my flat tire two weeks ago, I couldn’t figure out how to use the air pump at the gas station, though it was a fairly simple mechanism. But I just decided “Today, I will play the part of the idiot girl who cannot inflate her tires and I will simply ask the gas station attendant to show me how.” And that’s okay. It’s impossible to try new things without looking like a dumbass occasionally. So, I doubt I have a future as an aerobics instructor, but I also refuse to be shamed by the fact that I need simple moves demonstrated to me.

We also did some back raise thingys that killed my abs. Killed them dead. There was a funeral with flowers and prayer cards and everything. They were sore for two days afterwards. So it wasn’t a total loss. Still, I hope my instructor’s boo-boos are all healed my next week.

ETA: Oh, by the way, I did an interview over at DailyPowerWalk.com in case you all aren’t sick of hearing me blather on about health and fitness yet.

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Chris H • April 21, 2007 at 4:02 pm

Know the feeling, I always feel like a totally uncoordinated twit in the classes,they go too fast, too many changes… and I feel FAT as with the whole friggin wall covered in mirror! I have given up most of the “public” aerobic classes for now cos I’m just not feeling good about them… quitter that I am. At least you didn’t leave the room.. I’ve done that too!


craftypants • April 21, 2007 at 10:36 pm

There is no shame in asking how to do something. How are women supposed to be expected to do traditionaly masculine tasks if no-one shows us how. Next time, you will walk/drive up to the pump and you will know how to use it.

As for to class, someone has to look like an epileptic ferret to make everyone else look good. Just like standing next to someone the size you used to be makes you feel thin.



PastaQueen • April 21, 2007 at 11:40 pm

craftypants – The cool thing was the attendant was a woman too, so I didn’t feel any gender shame when being shown how to do it. Yay for female gas station clerks!


Debbi • April 22, 2007 at 7:37 am

My mother-in-law is the Queen of Helplessness; we all need to take simpering lessons from her. No matter what needs to be done, someone is there at her side, ready to take the reins.

She overdoes it, but it is a good lesson to be able to accept help – or instruction – when we need it. Whenever I take a yoga class the instructor ends up giving me a semi-private lesson.


starbird • April 22, 2007 at 1:40 pm

Congratulations! Another milestone is one the way. But, please put the new numbers on your right hand column! It is still at 184.

It’s really hard to get those last few pounds off, isn’t it? I find I really, really have to move – a lot – walking, working out, stretching.

One thing that really helps me at this stage is my step counter. I had a bad one that quit working after a few weeks, but now I have a high end counter that just keeps going. It resets to 0 every midnight and keeps track of how many steps I have walked in the past 7 days.

Since I am so competitive, I try to beat my steps every day. Not that I do all the time (I haven’t reached my goal of walking 10,000 steps a day), but it is a constant reminder to keep moving. I’m averaging about 5500 steps – not bad, I guess, given that I have a sit-down job and small house. Plus working out, except for the treadmill, doesn’t add those all-important steps. Anyway, I love it.


wow • April 22, 2007 at 3:18 pm

Goddamn, p-q, you are a dynamo! I can say this cause I’m your height and have been at a variety of weights: at 5″9 and with a work-out program, 182 definitely turns the corner into the world of “sexy/lanky” from “normal-bodied.” Like, being in the 180s/90s is more or less “acceptable,” meaning, one won’t feel like “the fat girl,” and you can pretty much go anywhere in public and not have your weight define you / feel like an “issue.”

But in the low 180s/170s and down, with muscle mass, one begins reaching the territory of having a “enviable” body –the kind others wish they had. it can be nice. And just in time for summer.

I hope you drop to 180 soon so we can see pics!!


regainings • April 22, 2007 at 3:23 pm

Question: as some who follows PQ’s progress as a huge fan, and who have had my own progress lately, does anyone out there know of any weight-bloggers who have REGAINED significant amounts of lost weight and blogged about it?

the reason I ask is — from following the WW message boards, I know this happens a lot. I have lost a modest 14 lbs since Sept, and I am curious to read about how/why this happens. It seems like I would “never let myself regain” the weight I’ve worked so hard to lose, but I know it happens to people who’ve lost a lot more than me. i’m curious about how this occurs. Any one have any links? thx in advance.


PastaQueen • April 22, 2007 at 9:42 pm

regainings – The thing is, when people start regaining the weight they usually stop blogging either becuase:

1) They’re embarassed

2) There are other stressful things in their lives that take precedence and are probably leading them to gain weight as well or

3) They’ve stopped thinking about weight loss so they’ve stopped blogging about weight loss

Sometimes women get pregnant too, so the weight loss thing gets put on hold.

I know Hopeful Loser has gained back some weight due to number 2 on the list, but she’s trying to get back into the weight loss routine. Erin at Lose the Buddha gained back some weight, though not a HUGE amount, and is losing it again. Those are all I can think of.


Lose Weight With Me • April 23, 2007 at 7:09 am

I take a kick boxing class at our local mixed martial arts gym, and I felt horribly inept for the first 4 weeks or so. It’s better now, but every once in a while the instructor will throw something new into the mix and I’ll feel clumsy all over again.




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