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Candy after my own heart

There are heart shaped Junior Mints! (And there’s a blog about candy. Wow!) How did I miss this? Back in my days of bad eating I would frequently stop my grocery cart at the end of the candy aisle and pick up a box of Junior Mints. Then the cashier would set them out for me when she was ringing up my order and I’d stuff them in my purse so I could snack on a few on the way home.

A couple months ago I saw a box of inside-out Junior mints with a mint shell and chocolate filling at a dollar store, but resisted buying a box. If I’d seen a box of these cute heart-shaped delights I might not have been so strong. Food that comes in a cute shape is somehow more irresistible, like pancakes in the shape of stars or tiny gummy bears, as if the food got itself dressed up in its best clothes to attend a party in your stomach.

Upon reflection, I wasn’t tempted by Valentines Day candy at all this year, which is rather odd since holiday candy is one of my bimonthly challenges. I guess my local Kroger needs to work on their product placement. I think they stick all their holiday candle in a middle aisle, which I avoid since I stick mostly to the edges of the store. I don’t even recall seeing a bag of candy hearts, which taste like sugar-flavored Tums yet have always been another weakness of mine.

I suppose it’s for the best that I was able to save up my holiday candy fighting power because now that V-Day has come and gone the next holiday candy challenge is Easter. Cadbury Cream Eggs. Peeps. White Chocolate Rabbits. Oh yeah, I’m going to need the reserve power or I need to get a seeing-eye dog so I can walk around the grocery store with my eyes closed.

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Rachel • February 16, 2007 at 10:50 am

Easter candy is by far my favorite seasonal candy. I wait ALL YEAR LONG for Brachs jelly bird eggs (classic flavored, of course). I was all stoked that Valentine’s Day was over because I knew the Easter candy wasn’t far behind. I tried talking my friend into going to the store with me to scope out the Easter candy and possibly procure myself some delicious jelly beans, but she was “too tired.” I guess it’s for the best… Still though. I *will* be buying myself a bag–it’s just a matter of when.


Elizabeth • February 16, 2007 at 12:33 pm

I’m glad I could alert you to the heart shaped Junior Mints! I totally agree – food in cute shapes is just better somehow. The candy hearts are also a weakness of mine…

btw, the inside out Junior Mints are not very good, in my opinion.


Debbie • February 16, 2007 at 12:40 pm

You just had to mention Junior Mints, didn’t you? They’re one of my favorites. I have a weakness for mint/chocolate combinations like mint chocolate chip ice cream.

You’re right about Easter. I love those Cadbury chocolate Mini-Eggs. Is anyone else getting hungry?


Chris H • February 16, 2007 at 2:17 pm

I’m glad we don’t get the Junior Mints here, sound yummy. My mouth is watering just thinking about Easter, so I shall just have to do no shopping over that time, so I can resist buying anything. The family can starve! ha ha ha


Janice Bridge • February 16, 2007 at 2:52 pm

Know your craving and Know the cost. . . .and life is Great.

Calorie-count has a great page for checking our your options on all foods – including most candy – seasonal as well as year round.

http://www.calorie-count.com/calories/browse/1901.html Stick with the Peeps . . .

For Easter Candy, your very best bet are Peeps, which Calorie-count does not list . . . just 32 calories a Peep. . . http://www.dietfacts.com/html/items/21180.htm

And if you haven’t visited the Peep Fan Club page, you really must. . .


Brachs “Smuckers Jelly beans” are another good choice – just 6 calories a bean

Brachs Classic jelly beans 11 calories each (150 calories for 14 beans)


Cadubry eggs are a bit more calorically expensive:

Cadbury mini eggs are 16 calories per mini-egg. . . Not my favorite but they might handle a craving in a pinch.

Cadbury crème egg 170 calories for one 39 gram eg

And MY all time favorite to die for Cadbury carmel egg 190 calories for one 39 gram egg

Just remember to off set your indulgences with extra exercise. . . And this site will help you know how much you will need to do.


Very few of us will brush out teeth for three hours – but. . . .just a half hour of kick boxing is worth TWO Cadbury Crème eggs!!


blest • February 16, 2007 at 3:09 pm

Reverse Junior Mints?!!! That’s freakin’ brilliant!! Or evil, depending on how I look at it.

Yeah, I like the Cadbury mini-eggs myself. That and malted milk Robin Eggs. But I think that they’d all be too sweet for me now that I’m used to the extreme dark chocolate.


Red • February 16, 2007 at 3:42 pm

Cadbury mini-eggs are my crack. I don’t even really like chocolate, but each spring those little devils appear to tempt me with their crispy sugar coating and smooth milk chocolate goodness. Damn you, Cadbury/Hershey!

Oh, and did you know that in Britain you can get the mini-eggs all year long? Thank God I do not live there!


livingrainbowcolor • February 16, 2007 at 6:01 pm

My Valentine’s find was heart-shaped salami! Germans are so cute, shaping their sausage into fun shapes like teddy bears, christmas trees, and hearts.



Debbi • February 17, 2007 at 7:56 am

Food in shapes is better than regular food? Are you channeling Cher in “Mermaids?” Heh.

And speaking of food porn and inside-out candy and such … Reese’s with a chocolate filling and a peanut-butter shell. Mmmmm.


Mymsie • February 17, 2007 at 10:44 am

Despite my love for many other bad-for-me candies, I’m not a fan of mint and chocolate. Phew! ;) (Chocolate-covered cherries are another story.)


psychsarah • February 18, 2007 at 2:26 pm

Mmmmm…. Junior Mints… In days gone by I would go to the movies and buy the monster sized box and it would disappear somewhere between the previews and the credits rolling… I am a huge sucker for anything minty, and chocolate-mint is my downfall. Luckily I’ve recently found Ghiradelli Squares in chocolate mint. They are individually wrapped so I can take one and leave the rest (if I hide them on the top shelf of my pantry out of site) and they are only 70 calories. Much better than the movie-size Junior Mints…

PS I don’t have much of a point to this post, I was just spurred on by the nostalgia of the Junior Mint.


K • February 23, 2007 at 4:33 pm

You know, it’s just as well I barely know what you’re talking about here. Though you CAN’T get Cadbury’s mini-eggs all year round here, honest.


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