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I went to a The Go! Team concert two nights ago, but there were moments I thought I’d stumbled into a particularly elaborate aerobics class complete with laser lights and live band accompaniment because the lead singer was putting Billy Blanks to shame. She was doing kicks, punches, and generally jumping around like a Mexican jumping bean in a popcorn popper. She even did a couple of those Russian dance moves where you cross your arms in front of you, squat down and leap back up. Her stage name is “Ninja” but now I’m wondering if maybe she just really is a ninja. She could easily climb up the walls of the concert building after shows and toss throwing stars at people who refused to sway their arms and hop around with her. If this whole music thing doesn’t work out, she has a very promising career as an aerobics instructor.

I was particularly impressed with how in shape Ninja was because I’ve heard touring is really hard on your body. I know whenever I travel my eating gets wonky and I don’t get to exercise as much. Though I suppose she’s got the exercise part covered. Some bands can afford to bring chefs along with them on the road, but I don’t think The Go! Team is big enough to do that. It’s hard to guess because I don’t think they are as popular in America as they are in Britain. There were only about 100-125 people at the club they played. Their album was on regular rotation on my treadmill last year, so I had to go support them in return for helping me move my ass so much. It also gave me a great excuse to dress up a little and wear my new calf-high boots for the first time. Though next time maybe I should bring a track suit and some cross-trainers.

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Karen • August 6, 2006 at 8:06 am

Hi – First off I have to tell you how amazing you are! I’ve been reading you blog for quite some time but never posted a comment.

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It’s a monitor worn on your arm that automatically tells you how many calories you’ve burned and you just enter what you’ve consumed [from a database where calories are already figured out]. It sync’s up with your pc and gives you an overall picture of calorie defict.



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