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Weight: 212 – Pounds left to lose: 52

How nice! I’ve had four straight weeks of losing. I keep waiting for the inevitable little bump back up due to water or sodium or shifts in the earth’s gravitational field. I’m sure it will come soon, but until then, down another pound!

This brings us to a total loss of 160 pounds, so if I actually only had to lose half my body weight with a goal of 160, I’d have reached it right now. As it is, I’ve only lost 43% of my starting weight. Yeah, the title of my blog is a lie. I actually have to lose 57% of my starting weight. Just call me Liar McLies-a-lot. I’ve lost all credibility with you, haven’t I? While we’re being honest, I should probably also mention I’m not really royalty either. No tiaras and scepters lying around the PastaQueen household. No macaroni military waiting for my commands.

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Jules • July 29, 2006 at 1:18 pm

Congratulations! this post inspired me to start reading your archives. I’m up to August 2004, and it’s mind-boggling that you’ve actually done it! And, of course awe-inspiring. I love the way your writing style has developed. Enjoy.


VH • July 29, 2006 at 3:20 pm

I think you did an amazing job and so what if you have to loose a little more than half. You haven’t lost credibility of all. Woo Hoo!


Peter Audrain • July 29, 2006 at 3:28 pm

I’m on track so far this past week as well—partly thanks to the purchase of the new Nike sensor that talks to your iPod, which sort of pushed me out the door to use it, then pushed me to go a lot faster than I know I would have gone without it. A steady stream of toys, gadgets, and rewards has its uses!


Chrissie • July 29, 2006 at 3:37 pm

I am shocked and amazed PQ at the DIES and DECEPTION! One the other hand congratulations on the loss liar, liar, pants on fire.


Hilly • July 29, 2006 at 4:02 pm

Um, did I ever tell you you’re my hero?


Haystacks • July 29, 2006 at 5:19 pm

I am shocked! You are not the queen of Pastonia? For Shame, leading me on.


Michelle • July 29, 2006 at 6:56 pm

Those poor macaroni military… languishing without a war in sight.



Marla • July 30, 2006 at 7:07 am

“Half of me plus 7% give-or-take” just doesn’t have the same panache. I forgive you.

But I’ll never trust you again.

Also: congratulations! Super awesome stupendo!


Debbi • July 30, 2006 at 8:30 am

I have to add my cheers, too. For me, you’ve been a wonderfully down-to-earth, practical, no-nonsense kind of woman who just gets with the program. Thanks for all your inspiration.


Lynn • July 30, 2006 at 1:08 pm

I recently came across your blog. I have to say that I find hope and encouragement from your journey. I suffer from clinical depression. I have since I was a teenager. I think the majority of stems from my having been overweight most of my life. I have a long journey ahead of me, but I think knowing others can do it. That a commitment can be made and followed through with. I cry too much over being overweight, and I need to get to doing something. No more starting and stopping. Thank you!


McGee • July 30, 2006 at 3:16 pm

I’ve been reading your blog for the last few months and am so inspired. Thank you for making your thoughts and experiences available to us all; its so much fun to follow your trials and turbulations. I’ve started a formal excersize program and am hoping to start a diet too. I have alot of weight to lose but knowing that you got through it makes me so hopeful that I can too.

Thank you!!!


Sandi • July 31, 2006 at 9:09 am

160!! Wooo Hooo!! That is so so awesome!! I have 58% of myself to lose. I am giving it one more try starting today. I read your blog religiously. I just want to tell you what an inspiration you are. I plan to go back to the beginning and read from there!! Thanks for being here and proving it CAN be done!! You rock!!! :)


dg • July 31, 2006 at 12:43 pm

amazing statistics, woohoo! :)


gale • July 31, 2006 at 4:58 pm

Me: (I just nod, my talent as world’s second worst conversationalist behind a blind, mute boy in a coma revealed.)

Rolling here. I read your journal every time you post. The phrase I copied and pasted above had me close to wetting my pants it’s so funny. And very close to how I feel about my conversational skills. Keep writing and keep running. you’re terrific.


toneke miller • July 31, 2009 at 3:10 am

i am 11 years old and i wear 200 pounds im trying to loose at lease 90 pounds my goal is to fit in a 5 as long as i try it think things will work out


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