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Brother Bonding

Last night I had a conversation about stretch marks with my younger brother. My brother! How strange is that? Well, I don’t have a sister, so it’s nice that I have a sibling I can gab about weight issues with. He was talking about how he used to have stretch marks under his arm, where the dreaded arm flab lives. Who knew guys had these problems too?

I told him about the year in college when I had a stretch mark on the inside of my elbow that would not go away. Whenever I was sitting in a classroom taking notes or just with my arms on my desk, I would see this horrid little red mark on the inside of my arm. It bothered me way more than any of the stretch marks on my belly, which made me look like a red zebra or a candy cane, because people could actually see this one. It was like someone had tattooed “PastaQueen is gaining weight!” right on my arm. It took months and months before it started to fade.

My brother and I also bitched about loose skin, especially in the belly. I believe the official medical term is “pannus.” It’s nice that there is someone else in my family who has lost a lot of weight (60 pounds) that I can chat about food and exercise and skin with. Well, without their eyes glazing over.

I’m also grateful that my family has never given me shit about my weight. I know I’m pretty lucky in this way. I have one friend who is totally hot, but her mother constantly nags at her about what she’s eating, saying she’ll gain weight. It probably helps that I come from a family of fat people, so it would be more difficult for anyone to get up on a high horse, both figuratively and literally.

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kathryn • April 4, 2006 at 4:45 pm

That’s great – you can see what kind of genetics you have as far as loose skin goes. I always worry about it and apparently your skin elasticity is a genetic thing. It would be great to have someone in the family who’d been my guinea pig.


jus me... • April 4, 2006 at 5:36 pm

I have zebra stripes and a railroad track on my saggy baggy tummy…the railroad track is from an old gallbladder surgery from when I was 18. My sister and AI are both about the same weight and still struggling so we have some interesting talks about it! lol! It would be totally cool to have a brother to talk to like that! You must be very close! Love your blog! I linked you quite some time ago, and although I don’t get over here as much as I would like, I really do enjoy reading it…see ya soon! jus me..



Amyt • April 5, 2006 at 8:38 am

i’m replying to your reply and since the grocery thing was a bit ago i thought this would be easier. i always assumed it was more expensive for most things in maine because they have to truck it so far. except fresh fish and lobster because you can buy that from the fishermen on the dock for cash and that’s pretty cheap. a bag of salad is usually $2.99, store brand. a head of leaf lettuce is $1.49. green peppers are 2.99 per lb. generally the produce is pretty bad in the winter and more expensive, how do those prices compare to yours?


PastaQueen • April 5, 2006 at 2:19 pm

jus me… – That’s funny that you blog is called “chubby toes” because I blogged something a while back about how no one had ever accused me of having chubby toes. I guess you weren’t so lucky? :)

Amyt – I think those are comparable grocery store prices to around here. I should have also mentioned my mom usually buys meat too. Though I did spend about $40 on frozen chicken breasts last month in a raid on the “buy one get one free” deal. That’s what deep freezes are for!


Amyt • April 5, 2006 at 2:33 pm

that’s a lot of chicken.


Marla • April 7, 2006 at 6:11 am

How nice to bond with your brother! My brother and I are fairly close, but he’s over six feet tall and skinny as a beanpole (he weighed about 140 pounds until he got into his late 30s, when he ‘blimped up’ to a whopping 160 or so). In retrospect, he probably felt as self-conscious and weird about being skinny as I did about being fat, but I never thought of it that way. Skinny men don’t get as much overt societal disapproval as fat women.

I’ve got stretch marks, railroads, whatever, in many places. I can’t say I’m all that concerned about it; I have so many physical imperfections I can’t get freaked out about something that minor! The thing I do freak over is a cluster of spider veins on my calf – whenever I wear a skirt or shorts people are always asking me how I got the terrible bruise. Umm… Age came along and smote me.


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