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Dancing with the Stars

My favorite guilty pleasure of the summer returned to my TV screen last week – Dancing with the Stars. Basically, they take several D-list “stars,” pair them with a professional ballroom dance partner, dress them up in sequins and boas and let them loose on the dance floor. Judges scores combined with viewer votes determine who gets kicked out of the competition each week.

It’s cheesier than Wisconsin and oh is it good! How can you not love a show where they Paso Doble to Eye of the Tiger? I’d still watch this program if it were called Dancing with People We Just Picked Up Off the Street. I believe the show originated in Australia, then came to Britain where it was called Strictly Come Dancing and then finally migrated to the US. So thank you Australia for melodramatic reality television and koala bears!

My favorite contestant so far is Tia Carrere who was Wayne’s girlfriend in Waynes’ World. Why do I love her? Because she gave birth in late September, is still sporting some baby weight and she went on national television anyway! An actress, from Hollywood, going on TV before she’s slimmed down. Have I fallen into a black hole and traveled to a parallel dimension?

It’s so common to see magazine articles about how actresses manage to lose all their baby weight in a month or two after giving birth. It makes it seem as though this is normal or you’re a huge failure if your body may have changed a bit after pushing a 9 pound, squealing, squirming, creature out of a very tiny hole. In reality, the women who lose the weight so quickly are the unusual ones.

While it shouldn’t be a big deal that Tia Carrere is still heavier than her previous weight, I know among the LA crowd it must be. I’m so proud of her for going on TV anyway when so many other actresses would just chain themselves to their elliptical machines before being spotted in front of a camera.

Which is why it is totally depressing that she was in the bottom two this week, especially when the judges ranked her in the middle. This means she most likely got the least amount of viewer votes of any of the contestants. Master P was safe and he danced like Frankenstein! Thank God that Kenny Mayne dances like Pinocchio or she might have been a goner. I can only guess she didn’t get as many votes because she is not as thin as the other female contestants. Grrrr! Stupid American public!

I am now making it my personal mission in life to keep Tia Carrere on this show. So if you live in the US, call in and email your votes for Tia on Thursday nights. You can call 10 times, toll free! It doesn’t matter if she falls on her ass or trips her partner – vote for her! Show some chubby chick solidarity here. At least until she loses all the weight from dancing, at which time we can cut her loose.

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Elaine • January 10, 2006 at 1:43 pm

She’s got my vote! Not many other actresses would have the guts to gut there and actually sweat the weight off – heaven forbid!


Eh... not so much • January 10, 2006 at 1:49 pm

So what does that make her now, 110? 115? or even *GASP!* 120? Like, normal people weight but still at the lower end of the bell curve? I’m sure she’s still a stunning lady. Dance on, Tia!


Mark • January 10, 2006 at 5:32 pm

For several years in Japan there has been a recurring show in which a group of actors and actresses, comedians, singers, and other personalities receive coaching and then enter ballroom dancing competitions, mostly in Japan, but they have also travelled to England and Australia.

The comedians in the group will wear bizarre outfits, have strange haircuts, and the like, and the normal ballroom dancers sometimes seem annoyed, thinking that they are being made fun of. But the stars sometimes win competitions.

About eight years ago, after seeing this show, on a lark I went to watch a ballroom dancing competition at a Tokyo hotel. I was amazed at the skill and athleticism of these people, especially the Latin dancers. These guys just do this as a hobby.

This year, in a variation, a group of these personalities studied ballet and put on a performance in a big hall for an audience. They did their best, but obviously ballet is a bit harder to pick up as an adult, so it was not quite as impressive as their ballroom dancing. But it was funny.


Milana • January 10, 2006 at 7:10 pm

I actually have danced with lots of people from Tia’s partner’s studio- Max. (Long story, before i gained the weight i was actually a dancer, then i stopped, and look what i’ve turned into…sad but true),

From the gossip mills, i’ve heard that since Max had split from his partner, he was fine with doing the show. In the middle of practice, after signing the contract, he found a new partner- but is committed to the show due to contract. Apperantly, he spoke to the producers, and said that he either wins it all or he’s blowing it. We shall see what happens…

By the way, i feel bad for her….he’s a complete jackass…I know lots of pple that quit dance b/c of him…sad but true.


PastaQueen • January 10, 2006 at 10:52 pm

Elaine – I love your URL! I love diet soda too. I think my body is 5% Diet Dr. Pepper.

Eh… not so much – Yeah, she still looks great. She’s just up against other thin, hot, ladies including a soap start and a WWE wrestler.

Mark – That show sounds funny! On this season of DwtS, there’s a former pro football player, Jerry Rice, who keeps saying dancing is harder than sports. So I think you’re right that there’s a lot of athleticism.

Milana – OMG, thanks for the gossip! That sucks that Tia has a jerk for a partner. I had a band director once who eventually drove me quit band, so I know the feeling.


witty. me • January 11, 2006 at 1:02 am

hiya – thanks for the quick reply to email. I went with the url you gave me. eeek – I’m not creative nor do I know a lick of html.

About Tia Carrere ~ she’s beaaautiful !


Kirsten • January 11, 2006 at 4:37 am

I didn’t know it had started in Australia! It was based on an old British ballroom-dancing show called “Come Dancing” and I thought they just added the “Strictly” to make it like “Strictly Ballroom”.

If I could, I’d vote for her. Dancing is great exercise, it’s true. One of the male contestants on the British show (Aled Jones) lost quite a lot of weight during the first series.


Jennah • January 11, 2006 at 7:17 am

I haven’t watched the show but I have seen them interviewing Tia and I was so surprised when I saw the weight gain until she said she just gave birth. I was like, “Go girl!” I’ve seen her in a recent interview (they’ve been dancing for months now even though the show has just started) and she said she loves it and how much involuntary exercise it is. She’s lost 18 lbs. (and still sporting the baby pooch). I say good for her. I’m definitely going to try and catch this show and keep her on it. :)


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