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Seriously, someone take away my Kohl’s card because my winter wardrobe is fine and dandy as it is. I basically had to buy all new winter clothes, but I really need to stop now. There’s nothing like losing 120 pounds to make you a total clothes horse.

I blame the mailing lists. I’m on a couple e-mail lists for plus size stores, like Lane Bryant and Fashion Bug, and they keep sending me $10 coupons and notifications of 40% off sales to lure me into their stores. Then when I get there I try on stuff and check myself out in the mirror and think “Oh my God! I look soooo cute!” and I’m buying more than I intended just because I feel so damn good about myself lately.

I need to stay on the mailing lists so I get the coupons when I really do need to buy something. I think I’ll have to start deleting them without reading them. I obviously have no self control in this area anymore, which is odd because I was never that into clothes shopping before. Weight loss has really made me vain.

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Kari • March 12, 2007 at 2:46 pm

It happens to all of us! There’s nothing wrong with wanting to celebrate less of you by buying new clothes! I had to give myself a mental shake, though, and take control of my credit cards. I literally cut up my credit cards, and exercised extreme prejudice against any department-store type credit cards because of their crazy high interest rates! I’m a victim of impulse shopping, but I definitely have to learn how to curb it, even if there’s a article of clothing that’s just too cute and that I can’t live without! I don’t know if it’s strictly vanity. I think when you wear clothes that you like and that you feel good in, you feel more confident, and hold your head up higher. Nothing wrong with that!


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