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Weight: 262 – Pounds left to lose: 102

As much as I would love to believe that I’ve lost 6 pounds this week, I know better. I will not be surprised if next week I bounce back up to 265 or so. I slept in particularly late today, so I think I was just especially dehydrated when I weighed myself. I weigh myself in the morning since that’s when I get the smallest number :) But still, what a nice number!

It’s starting to get chilly here in the Midwest, so I tried on my whole winter wardrobe today and sadly/happily have to donate half of it to Goodwill. The blue sweater that was nice and comfy last January is now comically large on me. I think I’ll keep it as a visual aid, same as my fat pants. Everyone keeps the one pair of fat pants, right?

The clothes that I can wear now are from end of high school and beginning of college. It’s funny how clothes have memories attached to them. I’ve been going through boxes and as soon as I see a particular shirt I’ll be instantly transported back to memories of walking around campus my freshman year of college. There’s one brown top that I loved to pieces that fits again. Yay!

On the flip side, I’m also getting rid of several items that I’ll miss. My purple sweater! My blue striped top! Oh, how I will miss you. Too bad I don’t have a “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” type shrink ray. Then I could keep wearing my favorite clothes. But buying new clothes is fun too.

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Kirsten • October 3, 2005 at 4:31 am

Weird synchronicity. A few days ago, I was thinking that my jeans were comically baggy, and wondering if I would fit into a size down from them (and if I could justify spending the money…) when it occurred to me that I had a slightly smaller pair buried in my wardrobe somewhere. Which now fit nicely again – and they’re slightly looser on me than when I bought them, which feels very odd. I never shrank before – it was always the clothes that did that :)

I will be keeping the baggier jeans though, as evidence. But it is weird, wearing clothes you haven’t worn for ages…

A four-pound loss is nothing to sneeze at – congratulations! (I usually manage one, or indeed none.)


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