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My computer thinks I’m fat

One of the things I’ve always liked about the Internet is that online no one knows you’re fat. Unless you publish a weight loss blog featuring your big, old, fat pictures, of course :) Or if you have adware.

Lately, I’ve noticed that several web sites I’ve visited keep showing me ads for Lane Bryant, the South Beach Diet and the Barix Clinics, a weight loss surgery chain. Now, I am very happy for Rosalyn who went from 354 lbs. to 168 lbs and is prominently featured in the Barix ads. But I sure hope she’s getting royalties for all the times I’ve seen that same damn picture of her in her overalls.

Somehow my computer knows that I am fat. I assumed it was some adware, a small program or cookie that keeps track of the sites you’ve visited. But according to my Ad-Aware scan with freshly updated definition files, I am clean of the stuff.

So I can only assume that my computer has been gossiping about me with other computers behind my back. Shame on you, computer! See if I upgrade your RAM now.

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Susan • July 1, 2009 at 1:27 pm

I realize that I am almost 4 years late, but being a geek myself, I absolutely love this post!

We follow each other on Twitter, and I just started reading all your archives yesterday and now I’m hooked. I haven’t done any work the past two days.


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