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Weight loss is contagious

Bwa-hah-hah! My mother is going to go on the South Beach Diet this Monday. Now we can all be in the cult together! We need robes or at least funny hats.

For awhile now she’s been talking about how she needs to lose weight and start exercising again, but I think what really kicked her in the ass is the fact that since last Saturday I have weighed less than her. So, now she’s the fattest person in the family. Tag, you’re it!

I’m really happy my mom is going on the diet. She lost a lot of weight after my dad left about 3 years ago. (There’s really nothing like the all-stress diet.) She walked pretty regularly a year ago, but hasn’t done much lately and has gained back maybe 20 pounds of the 40 or 50 she lost since dad took off. Her doctor is being very aggressive about preventing Mom from developing diabetes, so Mom doesn’t want to go back to the doctor until she’s lost some more weight.

She said she’ll probably never find a more supportive environment to go on a diet since I’m on South Beach and so is my younger brother, who moved out a couple months ago but still stops by to eat our food, run on our treadmill and use our washer.

It’s so odd. I only started South Beach because my brother did it and now it seems like Mom is doing it because we’re both on it. Weight loss is contagious! It’s a virus!

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Anne • March 31, 2007 at 10:35 pm

It’s not a virus, it’s a meme!

Sorry, I just enjoy saying that word. Meme meme meme.

Very much enjoying your archives! Fun, nerdy and well-written.


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