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Weight: 315 – Pounds left to lose: 155

Well, I had a good week followed by a bad week. I lost 5 pounds, bringing me down to 313, a palindrome! But then I ate a Reese’s bar from the vending machine on Monday and slacked off on my walking to actually gain 2 pounds this week. I’m also just about to have my period, so that accounts for a pound or two as well.

I think I’m in a very dangerous period right now. Besides suffering my first weight setback, my exercise routine has been weakened. After having two colds in 3 weeks, my walking schedule really got messed up. Breaking my routine has made it harder to get back into the routine. To top it off, I’m also beginning to get food fatigue. I’m getting sick of eating the same old things over and over. Plus, I’ve been sucked in by the delicious Popsicle brand Fudgsicles. Damn! They are delicious. Too delicious in fact. I am incapable of having just one, instead binging on 2 or 3 at a time. Even though they are low calorie, I should only be having 1 a day.

I need to be very careful not to go off the rails right now. I’m going to force myself to walk even though I don’t really want to. I’m going to start reading through my South Beach Cookbook again and try to find some new foods that aren’t too difficult or time-consuming to make. As for the fudgsicles, I’m undecided. The grocery store stopped carrying the other brand and I’m loathe to give them up completely, but I might just have to unless I start demonstrating some self-control.

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