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Loose Clothing

I’m not quite sure, but I think my clothing is feeling a bit looser. I’ve lost 40 pounds now, so there should be some difference. But I’ve always been terrible at judging small weight changes, which was part of the reason I was able to gain so much weight to begin with. I never noticed gaining (or losing) 10 pounds. Some people seem to have super powers when it comes to this arena and can detect even a pound of weight fluctuation. Not me.

My pants seem to be baggier, but I bought them in a large size to begin with. The waist is elastic, so there’s no help there. My t-shirts seem to be a little looser, but I’m not swimming in them, so I can’t tell for sure. My mother and brother claim I look a bit more slender in the face, but they also know I’ve been losing weight, so they could just be imagining it. My boss hasn’t said anything about my weight loss, but he’s also a guy so he’s probably less prone to notice. I suppose the best test will be whenever I next see my older brother who lives in Boston. He hasn’t seen me since Christmas, so he’ll have a better frame of reference for comparison. I have completely overused the word ‘so’ in this paragraph.

I’m sure after the next 40 pounds I’ll start to notice a difference. Patience, patience, patience.

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